Large CZT Spectrum Probe

Large CZT Spectrum Probe

PAM-01C2 is a hemisphere CZT based probe in a super small size. It can detect X-ray and low energy γ-ray in a high resolution.

PAM-01C2 integrated customized CZT crystal and low noise charge sensitive preamplifier circuit. It can convert X/γ-ray into exponential decay signals. Working with five-pin cable, high and low power supply and main amplifier,those signals will be direct into multi-channel pulse analyzer and then the energy spectrum will be formed.

large CZT spectrum probe

1. Specification of Hemisphere CZT Based Probe

Power 0.4W
Powered by ±12W
Output impedance 50Ω
Operating temperature 0℃-+40℃(standard) / -20℃-+40℃(customized)
High voltage input DC +800V~900V
Crystal type 10×10×10mm3 Asymmetry CZT detector
Signal output Exponential decay signal, Tr<150ns
Interface Five-pins plug
Energy range 10KeV(Beryllium window)~2.6MeV
Energy resolution <3%@662KeV, Room temperature
INL (Integral Nonlinearity) 10KeV~1.3MeV   <0.5%
10KeV~2.6MeV   <1.0%
Peak drift 0℃~40℃  <4%/℃
-20℃~0℃  <5%/℃   
8 hours peak drift <1%
Dimension Φ30.5×73mm2
Weight 55g


2. Large CZT Spectrum Probe’s Spectrum Diagram







3. CZT Spectrum Probe Features

Portable, user friendly
High energy resolution
High Sensitivity
Room temperature working;
Long-time stable
Low noise

4. Applications of CdZnTe Spectrum Probe

Homeland security
Nuclear technology
Energy spectrum detecting
Defect detection
Food safety detecting
Environment monitoring

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