780nm laser wafers

 780nm laser wafers


780nm LD structures
P+ GaAs P>5E19, d=0.15μm
P- AlGaInP and undoped AlGaInP d~1.5μm
Undoped GaInAsP QW PL:765+-10nm
Undoped AlGaInP and N- AlGaInP , d~1.5μm
N GaAs buffer
N GaAs substrate N=(0.4~4)×1018 d=350~625μm (100) 10°off <111>A


Xiamen Powerway(PAM-XIAMEN), a leading developer and manufacturer of compound semiconductor epitaxial wafers providing 780nm AlGaInP/GaAs laser structure wafers.

Layer Material X Y Strain tolerance PL Thickness Type Level
(ppm) (nm) (um)   (cm-3)
8 GaAs 0.1 P >2.00E19
7 GaIn(x)P 0.49 +/-500 0.05 P
6 [Al(x)Ga]In(y)P 0.3 0.49 +/-500 1 P
5 GaIn(x)P 0.49 +/-500 0.5 U/D
4 GaAs(x)P 0.77 770   U/D
3 GaIn(x)P 0.49 +/-500   0.5 U/D
2 [Al(x)Ga]In(y)P 0.3 0.49 +/-500 1 N
1 GaAs 0.5 N
0 GaAs substrate N



The 780 nm Fabry-Perot (FP) laser diode (LD) epi-wafer, designed especially for the high-power characteristics, is grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), with GaAsP quantum well as the active layer


For more information, please visit our website:https://www.powerwaywafer.com/, send us email at sales@powerwaywafer.com  or powerwaymaterial@gmail.com.

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