Lead Foil Tape

Lead Foil Tape

PAM XIAMEN offers Lead Foil Tape.

Lead Foil Tape: 2″ W x 0.0063″ Thick x 36 Yard length

100% pure lead foil tape coated with a compounded synthetic rubber adhesive system which exhibits excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, especially to metal, glass, films, foils, and papers. Highly malleable and can be shaped to the most intricate patterns. 
Physical Properties:

Backing 5 mil lead foil
Adhesive blended rubber
Tape Thickness (w/o liner) 6.5 mil
Peel Adhesion 96 oz/in
Tensile strength 23 lbs/in
3” central core
Temperature resistance 40 F to 180 F
Elongation (at break) 30%


Used as X-ray shield for X-ray machine 
Used for blocking X-ray from DX-100 X-ray orientation machine and MD-10 Compact XRD
Used as an electromagnetic and radio frequency shield

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