LED Epiwafer

LED Epiwafer

Product Specifications

PAM XIAMEN offers LED Epiwafer.

GaN on Al2O3-2” epi wafer Specification

White: 445~460 nm
Blue: 465~475 nm
Green:510~530 nm

1. Growth Technique – MOCVD
2.Diameter: 50.8mm
3.Substrate material: Patterned Sapphire Substrate(Al2O3)
4.Pattern size: 3X2X1.5μm

Structure layers Thickness(μm)
p-GaN 0.2
p-AlGaN 0.03
InGaN/GaN(active area) 0.2
n-GaN 2.5
u- GaN 2
Al2O3 (Substrate) 430

6.Parameters to make chips:

Item Color Chip Size Characteristics Application
PAM1023A0 Blue 10mil x 23mil Vf = 2.8~3.4V
Po = 18~25mW
Wd = 450~460nm
LCD backlight
Mobile appliances
Consumer electronic
PAM454501 Blue 45mil x 45mil Vf = 2.8~3.4V
Po = 250~300mW
Wd = 450~460nm
General lighting
LCD backlight
Outdoor display

High Luminous Intensity
100% probing test
High anti-ESD level
Good reliability

LCD back light
Mobile appliances
Consumer electronic

Mechanical Specification

Description Dimension
Chip Size 250 * 575 μm
Chip thickness 87 ± 5 μm
N-pad 87 ± 5 μm
P-pad 87 ± 5 μm
Electrodes spacing 15 μm
Electrodes material Au
Pad thickness 1 μm

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Item Symbol Maximum Rating
DC forward current If 30 mA
Pulse forward Ifp 100mA
Reverse voltage Vr 5V
Operating Topr -30~+85
Storage Tstg -40~+100

Electro-optical Characteristics (Ta=250C)

Test Parameter Condition Min Type Max
Dominant 20mA 450nm  – 460nm
Radiant power(P0) 20mA 18mW  – 25mW
Forward voltage(Vf) 20mA 2.8V  – 3.4V
Reverse voltage(Vr) 10μA 15V  – 35V
Reverse current(Ir) 5V 0  – 1μA
Electrostatic discharge HBM 2000V  –  –

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