LNOI with Metal Electrode

LNOI with Metal Electrode

Lithium Niobate(LNOI) with Metal Electrode

There are metal electrode layers (Au, Pt, Al or other metals) between the SiO2 layer and the LN film. An electric field can be applied on the LN film between the metal electrode layer and the top electrode layer. Based on piezoelectric effect, ferroelectric domain switching effect, thermoelectric effect, the thin film has been applied in surface acoustic wave devices, memory devices and sensors, such as high frequency, high bandwidth RF filter, low power, high speed ferroelectric memory and high sensitivity infrared detector.

Single crystal lithium niobate thin films are of great significance for the development of photonic circuits and electronic devices with high speed, wide bandwidth, high density and high efficiency.



Orientation:Z cut

The structure is as below:

Lithium Nioboate Thin Film



Lithium Niobate Substrate

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