Low-Concentration Deep Traps in 4H-SiC Grown with High Growth Rate by Chemical Vapor Deposition

Epitaxial growth was performed on 8° off-axis 4H-SiC(0001) by horizontal hot-wall chemical vapor deposition (CVD) in a SiH4-C3H8-H2 system at 1550°C. High growth rates of 10–13 µm/h were attained by growth with a high SiH4 flow rate of 4.0 sccm. A mirror like surface was obtained by employing an optimum C/Si ratio and by an improved process of initial growth. The epilayers grown with an optimum C/Si ratio showed high purity in the low 1013 cm-3 range (n-type) and low trap concentrations in the low 1011 cm-3 range. Minority carrier lifetime was investigated by a differential microwave-detected photoconductance decay (µ-PCD) measurement. A long carrier lifetime of approximately 2 µs was obtained for a 50-µm-thick epilayer

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