Low Temperature GaAs

Low Temperature GaAs

(LT-GaAs)Experimental Results

PAM XIAMEN offers Low Temperature GaAs.

Preparation for pump & probe measurement
Reflectance spectra measurement : we could not observe the reflectance peak.
PL spectra measurement : PL spectra were observed between 810 and 845 nm.

Pump & probe measurement (10 K)
・We have observed 0.6-1.6 picosecond decay at 822 nm excitation wavelength.This fast decay can be attributed to non-radiative recombination induced by low temperature growth.
・Two kinds of time-resolution were used; high time resolution (1 step = 0.07ps) for short time span (25 ps) and low time resolution (1 step = 1.67 ps) for long time span (800 ps). High time resolution is more reliable for measuring sub-picosecond decay time.
・We also measured the decay time at 826 nm excitation wavelength. The tendency of excitation power dependence measured on July 30 was different from that measured on July 20.






Reflectance spectra measurement
(Low Temperature GaAs)







PL spectra measurement
(Low Temperature GaAs)






PL spectra measurement
Excitation Power Dependence
(10 K) (Low Temperature GaAs)













pump & probe measurement (cross)
(Low Temperature GaAs)

Excitation wavelength: 820 ~ 828 nm
Temperature : 10 K
Time resolution: 200 fs






To avoid the observation of coherent artifact, we used the linear orthogonal polarization (cross). Both pump and probe beams are linear polarization, but they are orthogonal.















In room temperature, lifetime should be faster, which can be <1ps

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