LSGM single crystal substrate

LSGM single crystal substrate

PAM XIAMEN offers LSGM single crystal substrate.

Now LSGM (La 0.95 Sr 0.05 Ga 0.95 Mg 0.05 O 3-δ) single crystal substrate is commercially available from PAM XIAMEN by contract growth via CZ method. LSGM has the advantage of a broad electrolytic domain with negligible electronic conductivity under typical reduc-ing and oxidizing conditions of SOFC.

LSGM Single Crystal Substrate, 10x10x0.5 mm,< 001> ori. 2SP

LSGM Single Crystal Substrate, 10x10x0.5 mm,< 110> ori. 2SP

LSGM Single Crystal Substrate, 5x5x0.5 mm,< 001> ori. 2SP

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