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Growth of M-plane GaN(1-1 00) on γ-LiAlO2(100)


Using RF plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy, we succeeded in the growth of GaN(1 View the MathML source 0 0) on γ-LiAlO2(1 0 0). The crystal orientation and structural properties of 1.5 μm thick GaN films are investigated by means of reflection high-energy electron diffraction, X-ray diffraction, atomic force microscopy and Raman scattering. The layers are shown to be single-phase GaN(1 View the MathML source 0 0) within the measurements’ sensitivity. The inherent anisotropy of the GaN (1 View the MathML source 0 0) plane is reflected in the observed anisotropy of in-plane stresses, mosaicities and surface morphology.


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