PAM-02A is an amplifier which used for shaping and amplifying signals comes from scintillation detector, proportional counter and semiconductor detector.
PAM-02A integrates amplifier circuit and SK shaping circuit. With ordered cable, it can direct pulse signal which comes from amplifier into multi-channel pulse analyzer.


1. Main-amplifier Specification

Power Consumption <0.43W
Power ±12V
Operation temperature -20℃-+40℃
Signal output 0-5V Quasi-gaussian signal
Power interface 3 pins aviation plug
Gain adjustment X10,X25,X50
Gain fine-tuning 2-12 times continuously adjustable
Time to peak 1.1us、1.9us、2.8us   time alternative
Dimension 103×97×40.5mm3
Weight 324.6g


2. Main Electronic Amplifier Spectrum

3. Main Amplifier Features

Compact size
High sensitivity
Changeable interface
Low noise, low offset

4. Main Amp Applications

Nuclear science and technology
Energy spectrum detection

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