silicon ingot with FZ Intrinsic undoped, MCC lifetime more than 1000Ωcm

silicon ingot with FZ Intrinsic undoped, MCC lifetime more than 1000Ωcm

PAM-XIAMEN offers silicon ingot with FZ Intrinsic undoped, MCC lifetime (Minority Charge Carrier Lifetime) more than 1000Ωcm.

An intrinsic(pure) semiconductor, also called an undoped semiconductor or i-type semiconductor,
is a pure semiconductor without any significant dopant species present. The number of charge carriers
is therefore determined by the properties of the material itself instead of the amount of impurities.
In intrinsic semiconductors the number of excited electrons and the number of holes are equal: n = p.
This may even be the case after doping the semiconductor, though only if it is doped with both donors
and acceptors equally. In this case, n = p still holds, and the semiconductor remains intrinsic, though doped.
Crystal# Diameter
Orientation Lenth
Ingot Head Central Resistivity A Ingot Head Spot Measurement A1 Ingot Head Spot Measurement A2 Ingot End Central Resistivity B Ingot End Spot Measurement B1 Ingot End Spot Measurement B2 MCC lifetime
MCC lifetime
1806A-929-2-1 100 <111> 135 2.505 86000 72000 65800 25000 43000 30000 1020 1020
FN100A1801A-621-3 100 <111> 293 5.505 32000 62000 43000 33000 65000 37000 1150 1150
1138-4 100 <111> 152 2.830 45000 96000 61000 38000 85000 40000 1150 1150
512-1-1-1 100 <111> 114 2.145 180000 180000 180000 32000 170000 145000 1020 1020
Q: Please tell me more about your MCC lifetime measurement. How do you measure and guarantee the MCC lifetime?
A: Normally, μPCD-microwave photoconductivity decay is used to measure the minority charge carrier lifetime (MCC lifetime)
     of the wafer quickly, without contact and without damage. Specifically, Using a laser with a wavelength of 904 nm to excite
     the silicon wafer (for silicon, the implantation depth is about 30 μm), electron hole pairs are generated, resulting in an increase
     in the conductivity of the sample. When the external light is removed, the conductivity decays exponentially with time.
     This trend is indirect. Reflecting the attenuation trend of the minority carrier number, the lifetime of minority carriers (MCC lifetime)
     can be obtained by microwave(Frequency 10.225GHz) detection of the conductivity of the silicon wafer with time.
     Attached schematic diagram of measuring the lifetime of minority materials by microwave photoconductive attenuation method
Silicon Ingot, FZ intrinsic undoped, MCC lifetime

Silicon Ingot, FZ intrinsic undoped, MCC lifetime






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