Kandungan Kekotoran Logam Dikenal pasti dalam Kristal Silikon Mono dan Polihabluran

The impurity elements in crystalline silicon materials mainly include non-metallic impurities such as carbon, oxygen, boron, and phosphorus, and metal impurity such as iron, aluminum, copper, nickel, and titanium. Metal impurities generally exist in interstitial states, substitution states, complexes or precipitations in crystalline silicon, which often introduce additional electrons [...]

Ujian Electroluminescence bagi Wafer Epitaxial LED GaAs

With the continuous progress of semiconductor technology, semiconductor devices such as LEDs, photovoltaic cells, semiconductor lasers, etc. have been widely used in people’s daily life and work. In order to ensure the quality and cost control in the production process of the semiconductor device, it is generally necessary to [...]

Mengapa Anda Memerlukan Wafer Semikonduktor Gallium Nitride (GaN)?

PAM-XIAMEN can supply GaN wafers for LD, LED, HEMT and other applications. You can click following links for more GaN wafer specifications: GaN based LED epitaxial wafer:; GaN HEMT epitaxial wafer:; Blue GaN LD wafer: Why you need to choose GaN wafers for power devices? The short video: explains why, as follows:  GaN is [...]

Pengukuran Kerataan Wafer Silikon – Kriteria

PAM-XIAMEN can supply silicon wafers to meet your application demands, more wafer specifications please visit: The purity, surface flatness, cleanliness and impurity contamination of semiconductor silicon wafers have an extremely important influence on the chips. The local flatness of silicon wafer is one of the important parameters that directly [...]

Kristal Benih 4H-SiC

Due to the advantages of high thermal conductivity, high breakdown field strength, high saturation electron drift rate and high bonding energy, SiC material can meet the new requirements of modern electronic technology for high temperature, high frequency, high power, high voltage and radiation resistance, so it is regarded as [...]

Kaedah Magnetic Czochralski (MCZ).

At present, silicon materials still occupy a major position in the field of semiconductors and solar energy. With the development of science and technology, the production process of integrated circuits and solar cells has put forward new requirements for silicon materials. The growth technology of large-diameter and high-quality silicon [...]

Pengukuran Optik Bukan Kenalan untuk Mengesan Ketebalan Filem

For the produced thin film, among its many properties, the thickness and uniformity of the film are the most critical parameters. Therefore, monitoring and controlling the thickness and uniformity of thin films has become an important and indispensable part of industrial production. If you need it, PAM-XIAMEN can supply [...]

Filem Nipis Epitaxial Silicon Carbide (SiC) untuk Pengesan

SiC material has high displacement threshold energy and wide band gap, which enables the detector to work under high temperature and high radiation field. It can be applied to neutron fluence/energy spectrum measurement in strong radiation field, neutron fluence/energy spectrum measurement in high temperature environment, reactor power monitoring, radiation [...]