Gan berasaskan LED Epitaxial Wafer

Gan berasaskan LED Epitaxial Wafer

Gan PAM-XIAMEN-kanak (galium nitrida) berasaskan LED wafer epitaxial adalah untuk tinggi kecerahan diod ultra biru dan hijau pemancar cahaya (LED) dan diod laser (LD) permohonan.

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InGaN/Gan(gallium nitride) based LED Epitaxial Wafer

As LED wafer manufacturer,we offer GaN Epi LED wafer for LED and laser diodes (LD) application,such as For micro LED or ultra thin wafer or UV LED researches or LED is by MOCVD with PSS or flat sapphire for LCD back light, mobile,electronic or UV(ultraviolet), with blue or green or red emission,including InGaN/GaN active area and AlGaN layers with GaN well/AlGaN barrier for different chip sizes.

Gan pada Al2O3-2 "epi wafer Spesifikasi (LED Epitaxial wafer)

White: 445~460 nm
Blue:  465~475 nm
Green: 510~530 nm


Teknik 1. Pertumbuhan - MOCVD
2.Wafer diameter: 50.8mm
3.Wafer substrate material: Patterned Sapphire Substrate(Al2O3) or Flat Sapphire
4.Wafer saiz corak: 3X2X1.5μm

struktur 5.Wafer:

lapisan struktur Thickness(μm)
p-Gan 0.2
p-AlGaN 0.03
InGaN / Gan (kawasan aktif) 0.2
n-Gan 2.5
u- Gan 3.5
Al2O3 (substrat) 430


parameter 6.Wafer untuk membuat cip:

Perkara Warna Saiz cip Ciri-ciri rupa  
PAM1023A01 Blue 10mil x 23mil     lampu
Vf = 2.8 ~ 3.4V latar LCD
Po = 18 ~ 25MW peralatan mudah alih
Wd = 450 ~ 460nm elektronik pengguna
PAM454501 Blue 45mil x 45mil Vf = 2.8 ~ 3.4V   pencahayaan umum
Po = 250 ~ 300MW latar LCD
Wd = 450 ~ 460nm paparan luar


7.Application of LED epitaixal wafer:*If you need to know more detail information of Blue LED Chip, please contact with our sales departments

lampu belakang LCD
peralatan mudah alih
elektronik pengguna

8.Specification of LED Wafer as an example:

Spec PAM190730-LED
– size : 4 inch
– WD : 455 ± 10nm
– brightness : > 90mcd
– VF : < 3.3V
– n-GaN Thickness : <4.1㎛
– u-GaN thickness : <2.2㎛
– substrate : patterned sapphire substrate (PSS)

9.GaAs(Gallium arsenide)based LED Wafer:

Mengenai GaAs wafer LED, mereka ditanam oleh MOCVD, lihat di bawah panjang gelombang GaAs LED wafer:
Merah: 585nm, 615nm, 620 ~ 630nm
Yellow:587 ~ 592nm
Yellow/Green: 568 ~ 573nm

10. Definition of LED wafer:

What we offer is bare LED epi wafer or not processed wafer without lithography processes, n- and metals contacts, etc. And you can fabricate the LED chip using your fabrication equipment for different application such as nano optoelectronics research.


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GaN LED Epi on Sapphire

850nm and 940nm infrared LED wafer

Red Infrared AlGaAs /GaAs LED Epi-Wafer

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