NaCl single crystal substrates

NaCl single crystal substrates

PAM XIAMEN offers NaCl single crystal substrates.

NaCl single crystal substrates is ideal for growing expitaxial film and studying interface diffusion and defects. The film is easily removed from NaCl substrate by floating it off on water or by dissolving away the underlying substrate. We uses special technique to make supersmooth polishing in 1 mm thick substrate and achieve high quality expitaxial film in a larger area. NaCl is very sensitive to moisture, and must be stored in desiccator box.

Xtl Structure  Lattice (A)  Melting Point  Density  Growth Method  Max. Xtl  Size  Caution
 Cubic  5.640  801 oC  2.16 g/cm3  Solution  120d x100  dissove in water

NaCl (100) +/-3 degree 10x10x2.0mm, 2SP

NaCl (100) +/-3 degree 10x10x2.0mm, 1SP

NaCl (100) +/-3 degree 10x10x2.5 mm, 1SP

NaCl (110) +/-3 degree 10x10x2.0 mm, 1SP

NaCl (111) +/-3 degree 10x10x2.0 mm, 1SP

NaCl single crystal (PAMP16112-NACL) can be also offered:

Diameter: 15 mm;

Length: 15 mm;

Orientation: Flat planes parallel to (100) direction;

Purity: 5N;

One surface polished.

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