Germanium (Ge) Window

Germanium (Ge) window is provided for infrared (IR) transmission. Ge window is not transparent for visible lingt and UV light while has a wide transmission range in infrared band. Infrared grade germanium single crystal is the basic material for making infrared lenses, infrared window and other optical components. A [...]

InAs Quantum Dot Layers on InP Substrate

The typical structure of InAs quantum dot (QD) layers on InP substrate is available with wavelength of 1.55um for QD photodetector. Quantum dot is called semiconductor nanocrystals (NCs), which refer to three-dimensional constrained nanomaterials with a radius smaller than or close to the exciton Bohr radius. And colloidal quantum [...]

GaN on SiC Substrate

GaN template with single side polished and atomic step is available, which is grown on 4H or 6H SiC C-axis (0001) substrate. GaN growth on SiC substrate can achieve lower thermal expansion, lower lattice mismatch, and excellent thermal conductivity, thereby giving full play to the characteristics of GaN. Due [...]

InSb Magnetoresistance (MR) Sensor

Indium antimonide (InSb) thin film magnetoresistor, which is the core sensitive element of magnetoresistance (MR) sensor, is provided from PAM-XIAMEN with characteristics of non-contact measurement, small size, high reliability, high signal-to-noise ratio and wide frequency response (0-100kHz). InSb magnetoresistance is a new type of sensitive element made by using [...]

Silver Nanopowder

Silver nanopowder for sale is typically by laser evaporation in vacuum or in a small pressure of gas to get 10 to 100 nm diameters. It can be divided into nano flake silver powder and nano spherical silver powder. Nanomaterials have singular properties that are different from traditional materials [...]

Single Crystal Sapphire Ingot

Sapphire ingot can be offered by PAM-XIAMEN, one of sapphire ingot manufacturers. The chemical composition is alumina and is composed of three oxygen atoms and two aluminum atoms covalently bonded together. Sapphire crystal structure is a hexagonal lattice structure, and the commonly used section has A orientation, C orientation [...]

AlScN Template

AlScN (Aluminum Scandium Nitride) thin film on sapphire or silicon substrate can be provided by PAM-XIAMEN for the application of SAW / FBAR filters, optoelectronic devices, power devices and MEMS. AlScN, a III-V semiconductor based ferroelectric, is a promising semiconductor material at present, which can replace the AlN material [...]

Prime Grade Semi-insulating Indium Phosphide

Semi-insulating indium phosphide (formula: InP) wafer at prime grade for sale is dark gray crystal with a bandwidth (Eg=1.35 eV) at room temperature, a dissociation pressure of 2.75MPa at a melting point, an electron mobility of  4600cm2/(V·s), and a hole mobility of 150cm2/(V·s). PAM-XIAMEN uses VGF process to ensure [...]

Dummy Grade Indium Phosphide Wafer

Dummy grade single crystal indium phosphide wafer is available with doping S grown by VGF. The electron concentration of the N-type indium phosphide wafer reaches 1018cm-3, and the indium phosphide resistivity is very low, generally 10-2~10-3Ω·cm. It is mostly used in high-speed optoelectronic devices, such as LD, LED, PIN- PD, PIN-APD and etc. [...]

Differential Magnetoresistive Sensor

Differential magnetoresistive sensor for sale from PAM-XIAMEN is one of magnetoresistive sensors, which is packaged by indium antimonide (InSb) thin film magnetoresistor plus bias magnet with a metal shell. As a result, the output signal is a quasi-sine wave signal. The specification of differential magnetoresistive (MR) sensor provided is as following: Differential Magnetoresistive [...]