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Study of(1120)non polar α-plane GaN on the (1102)γ-plane sapphire


The spontaneous and piezoelectric polarizatio represent one of the unsolved problems in utilizing GaN for fabricating light-emitting devices.To solve the problem,non-polar GaN structures have been studied.Low-temperature AlN buffers are used for(1120)α-plane GaN growth on the(1102)γplane sapphire.A combination of atomic force microscopy(AFM),high resolution X-ray diffraction (XRD)and photoluminescence(PL)spectrum is used to characterize dislocation of the(1120)α-plane and(0001)с-plane GaN epilayer.Compared with the typical hexagonal dislocation of с-plane GaN,this shows great difference with the conventional polar GaN.and the pit of the α-plane GaN epilayer is triangle,with the possible formation mechanisms of these faults discussed and the triangular pit directions also investigated.