P-type GaAs Substrates

P-type GaAs Substrates

PAM-XIAMEN can offer 2&3 inches P-type GaAs substrates. Gallium arsenide (GaAs) is a III-V type direct band gap semiconductor with a zinc blend crystal structure, and GaAs p-type dopant is commonly used as a substrate for epitaxial growth of other III-V semiconductors, including indium gallium arsenide, aluminum gallium arsenide, etc.The parameters are shown in the table below:

1. Specification of 2 inch p-type GaAs substrates


Parameter Customer’s Requirements Guaranteed/Actual Values UOM
Growth Method: VGF VGF
Conduct Type: S-C-P S-C-P
Dopant: GaAs-Zn GaAs-Zn
Diameter: 50.8±0.4 50.8±0.4 mm
Orientation: (100)0°±0.5° (100)0°±0.5°
OF location/length: EJ[0-1-1]±0.5°/16±1 EJ|0-1-1]±0.5°/16±1
lF location/length: EJ[0-11]±0.5°/7±1 EJ[0-11]±0.5°/7±1
lngot CC: Min:1E19 Max:5E19 Min:1.5E19 Max:2.0E19 /cm
Resistivity: NA NA Ohm.cm
Mobility: NIA NA cm2/vs
EPD: Max:5000 Min:900 Max: 1100 /cm2
Thickness: 350±25 350±25 μm
TTV: Max:10 Max:10 μm
TIR: Max:10 Max: 10 μm
Max: Max:10 Max:10 μm
Warp: Max: 10 Max: 10 μm
Surface-Finish-front: Polished Polisbed
Surface-Finish-back: Etched Etched
Epi-Ready: Yes Yes


2. Specification of 3 inch p-type GaAs substrates


Sr. No. Parameter Specification
1. Type of semiconductor p-type (Zn or C doped),
VGF grown
2. Diameter 76.2+/-0.5 mm
3. Orientation (100)±0.1°(may or may not be 2 degree off )
4. Thickness 500± 25um
5. Carrier density 0.5 to 5x 10E19/cc
6. Corresponding Sheet resistance Ohm/square
7. EPD ≤5000 cm2
8. Primary Flat us(0-1-1)±0.2 degree/EJ
9. Major Flat Length 22±2mm
10. Minor Flat Length 11±2mm
11. Flat Orientation tolerance ±0.02 degree
12. Surface finish Polished one side
13. Laser Mark Back surface along major flat
14. Packing Individually Packed in inert atmosphere
15. Test report Yes


After Si, GaAs is a new type of semiconductor material with the deepest research and the most widely used. It has the characteristics of high mobility, large forbidden band width and high temperature resistance. The p-type conductivity GaAs substrates are mainly used in the fields of high-frequency communications, wireless networks and optoelectronics. With the development of process technology p-type gaas ohmic contact, the gallium arsenide substrates produced are getting larger in size, with a high geometric accuracy and a high surface quality.

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