GaAs PN Diodes with Heavily Carbon-Doped P-Type GaAs Grown by MOMBE

GaAs pn diodes with heavily carbon-doped p-type GaAs grown by MOMBE were fabricated. The I-V and C-V characteristics were not significantly affected by the hole concentration of the p-GaAs although a lattice mismatch at the junction generates misfit dislocations. A good I-V characteristic with the ideality factor of 1.3 was obtained even for the carbon-doped GaAs with a hole concentration of as high as 5×1020 cm-3. The electron diffusion lengths in the carbon-doped GaAs were determined to be 1.0, 0.45 and 0.25 µm for hole concentrations of 2×1018, 1×1020 and 5×1020 cm-3, respectively, by EBIC and spectral response measurements.



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