PAM XIAMEN offers FZ & MCZ silicon ingot and silicon wafer

PAM XIAMEN offers FZ & MCZ silicon ingot and silicon wafer


Growth Method MCZ
Single crystal size inch 2 – 8
Conductivity Type N P
Doped elements P/Sb B
Crystal Orientation <111> <110> <100> <111> <110> <100>
Resistivity Ω.cm 0.0015-100 0.001-100
RRG % 20 20
Oxygen Concentration atoms/cm3 1.00E+18 1.00E+18
Carbon Concentration atoms/cm3 5.00E+16 5.00E+16
Diameter mm 55-157 55-157
Length mm 50-500 50-500
Dislocation EA/cm2 N/A N/A
Swirl(After Oxidation) N/A N/A
Remarks:The above parameters can be customized.


1″ FZ Silicon Ingot with Diameter 25mm

2″ FZ Silicon Ingot with Diameter 50mm

3″ FZ Silicon Ingot with Diameter 76mm

4″ FZ Silicon Ingot with Diameter 100.7±0.3mm

6″ FZ Silicon Ingot with Diameter 150.7±0.3mmØ

80+1mm FZ Si Ingot

80+1mm FZ Si Ingot-1

80+1mm FZ Si Ingot-2

80+1mm FZ Si Ingot-3

80+1mm FZ Si Ingot-4

80+1mm FZ Si Ingot-5

60+1mm FZ Si Ingot -1

60+1mm FZ Si Ingot -2

60+1mm FZ Si Ingot -3

60+1mm FZ Si Ingot -4

60+1mm FZ Si Ingot -5

60+1mm FZ Si Ingot -6

Silicon Ingot

silicon ingot with FZ Intrinsic undoped, MCC lifetime more than 1000Ωcm

Silicon Ingots-8

Silicon Ingots-7

Silicon Ingots-6

Silicon Ingots-5

Silicon Ingots-4

Silicon Ingots-3

Silicon Ingots-2

Silicon Ingots-1

Silicon Ingots -2

Silicon Ingots -1

Size and distribution of Te inclusions in detector-grade CdZnTe ingots

4″ FZ Silicon Ignot-4

4″ FZ Intrinsic undoped Silicon Ignot-2

4″FZ Silicon Ignot-3

4″FZ Silicon Ignot-2

FZ Silicon Ignot Diameter 80+1mm-2

FZ Silicon Ignot Diameter 60+1mm-2

FZ Silicon Ignot Diameter 80+1mm-1

FZ Silicon Ignot Diameter 60+1mm-1

6″ FZ Silicon Ignot

6″ Silicon Ignot

4″ FZ Silicon Ignot

4″ Silicon Ignot

Silicon Wafer

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