PECVD Nitride

PECVD Nitride

PECVD Nitride

PAM XIAMEN offers PECVD Nitride

PECVD nitride is an alternative to LPCVD nitride when lower temperature ranges are required. Micro-mechanicalWidely used in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and semiconductor processing, PECVD nitride is a tensile stress film that can be used as a passivation layer or to help balance film stress within a stack. PECVD nitride reduces overall film stress. This prevents delaminating and micro-cracking.

Low Stress PECVD Niride thicker films service is also availble.

PECVD Deposition

Standard Oxide
Slow deposition Oxide
OxyNitride with custom refractive index
Standard Nitride
Low Stress Nitride

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