Photolithography Mask

Photolithography Mask

Photolithography chrome masks are for sale. According to the different substrate materials, it can be divided into quartz mask, soda mask and others (including relief plate, film), etc. Among them, the photomask on quartz substrate and soda lime are commonly used lithography masks in universities and research institutes. More about the specifications from PAM-XIAMEN please see as follows:

Photolithography Mask

No.1 Chrome Mask Blank PAM191218-MASKS

Mask Substrate Specifications

Material soda lime
Dimension 3″x3″
Thickness 0.060” ±0.004”
Flatness ≤ 15u
Defects None
Chrome Metallisation Specifications
Chrome Film thickness 1100A±10%
Optical Density @ 530 nm 2.8±0.2
Mask Plate grade Print
Pin hole >5um none,1-5u 0.3/ square inch
Resist Specifications
Resist AZ1500
Resist thickness 5300A±150A
Defects None


Chrome Mask plates are coated with photo resist. These mask plates are used for making patterns having minimum features down to 0.5 micron using LASER lithography and wet/dry etching hence.

No.2 Photolithography Mask PAM190702-MASKL

Material 5 inch Lithography Mask
Requirements Photomask for stepper ( model: 5009)

Model of the lithography machine: ASML PA5000/50

Scale: 5:1

Graphic quality index requirements
Graphic accuracy 100%
CD 2um
CD Tolerance <0.5um
Defect Density ≤1 pc
Engraving Tolerance <0.5um


No. 3 Photolithography Mask Patterned with Chrome PAM190621-MASKL

No. 3-1 Photolithography Mask Design and Printing 4”
Mask size: 4” x 4” square
Mask material: Quartz
Pattern material: Chrome

Service to include pattern design for high-electron mobility transistor (HEMT) fabrication process (6 patterns), and transmission line measurement (TLM) for specific contact resistance analysis (2 patterns)

4 pattern design on 1 mask (each at 1/4 area of the mask) – total 8 designs

No. 3-2 Photolithography Mask Design and Printing 5”
Mask size: 5” x 5” square
Mask material: Quartz
Pattern material: Chrome

Service to include pattern design for patterned-sapphire substrate (PSS)

4 pattern designs on 1 mask (each at 1/4 area of the mask)

Please note: Technical parameters of the above 2 items meet the following requirements:

Mask Sizes (mm) Minimum Seam & Line Width Seam Accuracy Mark
101.6*101.6*2.3 3um≤W≤5um ±0.3um Quartz material
127.0*127.0*2.3 3um≤W≤5um ±0.3um Quartz material
101.6*101.6*3.0 3um≤W≤5um ±0.3um Quartz material
127.0*127.0*3.0 3um≤W≤5um ±0.3um Quartz material


No. 4 Phase Mask PAM190717-MASKQ
Pitch: 1095.8nm
Size: 25mm x 3mm
Illumination wavelength 248nm
Substrate Size:35*17.2mm
Thickness of Phase Mask: 1/4 inch (6.35mm)

No. 5 Uniform Phase Mask PAM190821-MASKJ
Uniform Phase Mask for 1575 nm Bragg Grating
Grating period: 1088 nm
Grating period accuracy and uniformity: +/- 0.01 nm
Grating size: 10 mm x 10 mm
Substrate size: 30 mm x 25 mm
Optimized for 248 nm unpolarized illumination
0. order: < 3%

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