Polycrystalline Back Sealed Polished Wafer

Polycrystalline Back Sealed Polished Wafer

Below is the regular standard specification of Polycrystalline back sealed polished wafer, please kindly note in this size, normally notch is used, rather than flat.


Parameter Unit PAM210305-SI 
Grade Polycrystalline back sealed polished wafer
General Characteristics
Growth Method CZ
Diameter mm 200±0.2
Type N
Crystal Orientation <100>±0.5
Dopant AS
Electrical Characteristics
Resistivity Ω•cm 0.002-0.004
RRG 1 C-1/2R MAX % /
RRG 2 C-6mm  MAX % ≤8
Life time msec /
Chemical Characteristics
Oxygen PPMA /
ORG % /
Carbon PPMA /
Bulk metal #/cm3 /
Surface metal #/cm2 ≤5E10(Na,K,Al,Ni,Ca;Cu,Zn,Cr,Fe)
Structural Characteristics
Dislocation #/cm2 None
OISF #/cm2 /
Mechanical Characteristics
Slicing Off Orientation Degree 0±0.5
Primary Flat Location Degree NONE
Primary Flat Length mm NONE
Secondary Flat Location Degree NONE
Secondary Flat Length mm NONE
Thickness mm 725.0±20.0 
TTV mm ≦4
Bow mm ≦50(3PT)
Warp mm ≦50(3PT)
TIR mm ≦3
STIR mm SFQR ≦0.4(25mm*25mm)
Edge Profile 22±2° X1=70-230µm;X2=500-600µm;X3>0
Laser Marking NONE
Surface Characteristics
Front side      Particle mm ≦10(≥0.3μm), ≦15(≥0.2μm), ≦50(≥0.16μm)
Backside BSD NO BSD
Etched acid Alkali Etched
Polished /
Poly AP LP Å 8000±800(first)
Oxide AP LP Å 4500±500(next)(WJ1500)
Edge Exclusion   mm <0.6
Customer Part No. /
Package Standard packing








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