Portable Diagnostic Spectrum Analyzer

Portable Diagnostic Spectrum Analyzer

PSA-01 is a portable nuclear spectrum acquisition instrument, which integrates main amplifier,multi-channel pulse analyzer and high-voltage. Its gain, high-voltage and shaping time are adjustable. With upper computer software, it can acquit nuclear spectrum, analyzing, processing and storage data. Its built-in Li-battery could charge more than 10,000 times. Cooperate with our CZT detector, it can build a platform sufficiently for X/γ-ray spectrum acquisition.


Input range 0~100kHz
Multi-channel input range 0~4V
Gain range 1.5~10
shaping time range 0.29us~38us
High voltage output DC 0~±2000V
Low voltage output DC±12V
Continuously working time 8 hours
Communication methods USB2.0, TCP/IP
Dimensions 350×330×150mm3


Operating principle






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