Prime Grade Silicon Wafers

Prime Grade Silicon Wafers

PAM XIAMEN offers prime grade silicon wafers for research and production. We have ultra-thin silicon 5 micron thin to silicon wafer pucks 10mm thick. All orientation and resistivities, both highly doped and low doped specifications.

What are Silicon Wafer Grades?

Silicon wafers are available in different grades (quality levels): Prime Grade, Test Grade and Mechanical Grade. Reclaimed grade silicon wafers are also available.

Prime Grade Silicon Wafers

Prime grade silicon wafers can be used for everything up to and including production. Integrated circuits found in computer chips are made with prime grade silicon wafers. Prime grade silicon wafer tolerances are much tighter than other lower grades with Total Thickness Variation as tight as 1 micron. Primce grade Si have the lowest particle count.

Test Grade Silicon Wafers

Test grade silicon wafers are often used by PAM researchers to hone their skills. The are much less expensive than Prime Grade while of much higher quality than mechanical grade silicon wafers. But compared to prime grade silicon, test grade tolerances are much looser.

Mechanical Grade Silicon Wafers

Mechanical grade silicon wafers are great for spin-coating, training and any semiconductor process including equipment testing and process testing. Student researchers often use mechanical grade silicon wafers to save money.

Silicon Wafer Diameters in millimeters/inches Include:

25mm (1”)
50mm (2″)
75 mm (3”)
100mm (4”)
125mm (5″)
150mm (6″)
200mm (8″)
300mm (12″)
450mm (18″)

Silicon wafer Types/dopants inlcude:

P-Type – Boron Doped and Gallium Doped (Czochralski (CZ) Grown)
N-Type – Phosphorous Doped, Arsenic Doped and Antimony Doped (CZ Grown)
Undoped/Intrinsic are FZ or Float Zone Grown and are of high-resistivity and more expensive than CZ grown


The measure of a material’s resistance to electric current flow.

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