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PAM-XIAMEN supplies a series of CZT products, which are including detectors, modules, probes, systems, amplifiers, analyzers, supply and furnace.

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Product Description

An extensive product line of CZT can be provided by PAM-XIAMEN, involving CZT detectors, CZT modules, CZT probes, CZT systems, CZT amplifiers, CZT analyzers, CZT supply and crystal growth furnace. Find more product details, please view below:

1. CZT Detector

1.1 CZT Pixilated Detector (old)

1.2 CZT Planar Detector

1.3 α/β/γ-ray Differentiation Detector

1.4 CZT α-ray Detector

1.5 CZT Asymmetry Detector

1.6 SPECT, γ-imaging Detector

1.7 CZT High Resolution Pixel Detector (old)

1.8 CZT Photon Counting Linear Array Detector

1.9 CZT Compton Imaging Detector

1.10 CZT High-Density Pixel Detector

2. CZT Module

2.1 SPC Counting Module

2.2 SPCW Wide Range Radiation Doses Module

2.3 Multi-pixel Spectral Imaging Module

2.4 CZT Multi-Pixel Photon Counting Module

3. CZT Probe

3.1 CZT Thr-Proofings Probe

3.2 CZT Probe

3.3 Large CZT Spectrum Probe

3.4 CZT Probe-2

3.5 CZT α-ray Probe

4. CZT System

4.1 X-ray Photon Counting Imaging System (old)

4.2 MXA-128 X–ray Photon Counting Imaging System

4.3 CZT γ-ray Multi-pixel Imaging System

4.4 α-Ray Vacuum Testing System (new)

5. CZT Amplifier

5.1 Main-amplifier

5.2 Charge Sensitive Pre-amplifier Chip

5.3 Charge Sensitive Pre-amplifier (old)

5.4 CZT Preamplifier

6. CZT Analyzer

6.1 Analog Multi-channel Analyzer (old)

6.2 Portable Diagnostic Spectrum Analyzer

6.3 CZT Portable Spectrum Analyzer (old)

6.4 Digital Multi-Channel Analyzer (new)

7. Other CZT Products

7.1 High Voltage Power Supply

7.2 Crystal growth furnace (old)

7.3 CZT Portable Radionuclide Identifier (new)

Therein, CZT based detectors from PAM-XIAMEN by solid-state detector technology for X-ray or gamma-ray has better energy resolution compared with scitillation crystal based detector. We list the specifications of CZT Planar Detector, CZT Pixilated Detector, CZT Co-Planar Gri Detector as follows for example:

1.1 CZT Pixilated Detector
Application SPECT、γ Camera  X-ray imaging
Operating temperature range -20℃ ~ 40℃
Typical energy resolution <6.5%@59.5 KeV   ——
Count rate   —— >2M cps/pixel
Typical matrix Area array detector: 8×8 Area array detector: 8×8
Linear array detector: 1×16 Linear array detector: 1×16
The maximum dimensions of crystal 40×40×5 mm 3
Note Other electrode pattern can also be available  

Standard 8×8 pixel CZT detector assembly

Standard 8×8 pixel CZT detector assembly Standard 8×8 pixel CZT detector assembly


Standard 8×8 pixel CZT detector assembly

 Standard 8×8 pixel CZT detector assembly  Standard 8×8 pixel CZT detector assembly


 1.2 CZT Planar Detector
HV +200 V~ +500 V
Energy range 20 KeV ~ 200 KeV
Operating temperature range -20℃ ~ 40℃
Size(mm 3 ) 5×5×2 10×10×2
Energy resolution @59.5 KeV Counter grade >15% >15%
Discriminator grade 7% ~ 15% 8% ~ 15%
Spectrometer grade <7% <8%
Note   Other sizes can also be available

Standard 5×5×2mm 3 CZT assembly

Standard 5×5×2mm 3 CZT assembly Standard 5×5×2mm 3 CZT assembly

Standard 10×10×2mm 3 CZT assembly

Standard 10×10×2mm 3 CZT assemblyStandard 10×10×2mm 3 CZT assembly

 1.5 CZT Hemispherical Detector

HV: +200 V ~ +1000 V


Operating temperature range:-20℃ ~ 40℃

Energy range: 50 KeV ~ 3 MeV Typical energy resolution:<3%@662 KeV
Standard size(mm 3 ) :4×4×2, 5×5×2.5, 10×10×5  

CZT Hemispherical Detector CZT Hemispherical Detector

 CZT Co-Planar Grid Detectors
HV: +1000 V ~ +3000V
Energy range: 50 KeV ~ 3 MeV
Operating temperature range:-20℃ ~ 40℃
Typical energy resolution:<4%@662 KeV
Peak-to-Compton ratio: 3 ~ 5
Standard size(mm 3 ): 10×10×5, 10×10×10

At present, two important development directions of CZT detector are multiple large-volume parallel detectors and surface element array detectors. The former is composed of multiple CdZnTe crystal arrays with a volume greater than 1cm. This type of detector solves the shortcomings of a single detector, which is small in size and low in total detection efficiency, and greatly shortens the measurement time. It is especially suitable for portable spectrometer systems and can be used for radioactive monitoring in the environment, port, railway cargo, etc. The latter is composed of a CdZnTe crystal face element array, and this CZT detector technology is mainly used in energy spectrum imaging in nuclear medicine, astrophysics and other fields.

The development and use of CZT detector has made it possible to obtain high-efficiency photons with high performance. With the continuous improvement of high-quality CdZnTe semiconductor crystal preparation technology, further understanding of the carrier collection process and the development of rapid low-noise microelectronics, CdZnTe detector will surely be applied in a wider fields.

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