How Silicon Carbide Wafers Are Made?

Silicon carbide (SiC) is a compound semiconductor material composed of carbon and silicon elements, and is called wide-bandgap semiconductor material because the band gap is greater than 2.2eV. PAM-XIAMEN can provide N-type and semi-insulating SiC wafers. More specifications of SiC wafer please visit How SiC wafers are made? You can follow the [...]

Variação da resistência radial do silício FZ dopado em fase gasosa

The FZ (float zone) gas-phase doped silicon single crystal with high purity, few defects, low compensation, and low oxygen and carbon content can be supplied by PAM-XIAMEN. It is widely used in various high-sensitivity detectors and low-loss microwave devices. To get more specifications of FZ silicon, please refer to [...]

Filme fino LT GaAs para fotodetectores e fotomisturadores

Low temperature grown (LTG) gallium arsenide (GaAs) thin-film on GaAs substrate is available for photodetctors and photomixers. In addition, we can supply gaas epi wafer, for more GaAs thin film wafer please view LTG-GaAs is GaAs grown at a low temperature of 250-300 degrees Celsius using MBE. LT-GaAs [...]

O que é PL (fotoluminescência)?

PAM-XIAMEN can supply semiconductor wafers, more wafer specifications please refer to If necessary, we will offer PL (photoluminescence) spectroscopy for the semiconductor wafers. 1. What is PL? About PL, it refers to the self-emission light produced by a material after being excited by light. When a substance absorbs photons and [...]

O que afetará a qualidade do fatiamento de wafer de SiC?

Silicon carbide (SiC) wafer are available, for more wafer information please click The performance of SiC wafer slicing determines the processing level of subsequent thinning and polishing. Slicing is prone to cracks on the surface and subsurface of the SiC wafer, increasing the fragmentation rate and manufacturing cost [...]

Estrutura do fotodetector GaN PIN baseado em Si

III-nitrides are suitable for working in extreme conditions due to their excellent radiation hardness and high temperature properties. Therein, the fabrication of various types of GaN-based photodetectors (PDs) has been reported over the past decade. In addition, the high conductivity of silicon substrate has drawn attention to the construction [...]

940nm Laser Diodo Wafer

Semiconductor lasers in the near-infrared band (760-1060nm) based on GaAs substrates are the most mature and most widely used, and have already been commercialized. We can supply GaAs laser diode wafer for a wavelength of 940nm. Moreover, a variety of laser wafers with different wavelengths can be offered, more please [...]

Como são feitos os chips de carbeto de silício (SiC)?

How is silicon carbide (SiC) chip made? Generally speaking, chips are semi-finished products that have been cut from wafers. PAM-XIAMEN can offer SiC wafers for making chips, more specifications please refer to Each wafer integrates hundreds of chips, and each chip consists of thousands of cells. So, how [...]

O que são tecnologias HEMT e pHEMT?

HEMTs evolved from Field Effect Transistors (FETs) are suitable for manufacturing monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs). HEMTs were initially generated to obtain high electron mobility in semiconductor devices at room temperature. The electron mobility of FETs is limited even with high doping levels, so high electron mobility obtained with AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs [...]

InP HEMT Epi Wafer

InP-based three-terminal electronic devices mainly include InP-based heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) and high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs). PAM-XIAMEN can provide indium phosphide (InP) HEMT epi wafer, in which InGaAs use as the channel material and InAlAs as the barrier layer. The InP HEMT structure grown with InAlAs/InGaAs material system [...]