GASB bolachas monocristalinas

GASB bolachas monocristalinas

PAM XIAMEN oferece alta qualidade GASB wafers cristal único.

1. Specifications of GaSb Single Crystal Wafers

GaSb não dopado

GaSb bolacha (100), não dopado, 10x10x0.5 mm, 1SP
GaSb Wafer (100), undoped, 2″x0.45 mm ,1sp
GaSb Wafer (100), undoped, 2″x0.5 mm two sides polished
GaSb Wafer (111)-A, undoped,P-type 2″x0.4 mm ,2sp
GaSb Wafer (111)-B, undoped,P-type 2″x0.4 mm ,2sp

GaSb Si dopado

GaSb (100), do tipo P, Si dopado, 2 "x 0,450 milímetros bolacha, 1SP

GaSb Te-dopado

GaSb (100), do tipo N, Te dopado, 2 "D x0.45mm bolacha 1SP portador Concentração: 3,5 × 10 ^ 17 cm ^ -3
GaSb (100), N Type, Te doped, 2″D x0.45mm wafer 1sp,Carrier Concentration: (1-7)x10^17 cm^-3
GaSb (100), N Type, Te doped, 2″D x0.5mm wafer 1sp

GaSb Zn-dopado

GaSb, (100), Zn dopado, de tipo P, 2 "de diâmetro x 0,45 milímetros, 1SP
GaSb, (100), Zn- doped,, P-type, 2″ dia x 0.45mm, 1sp


2. FAQ of GaSb Wafer

Q1: Can we have a better Bow and Warp of GaSb wafer, <5um?

A: BOW and WARP of GaSb substrate should be <8um, 5um is too difficult.

Q2: what is the dislocation density in a regular manner and can we have EPD mapping of GaSb wafer ?

A: EPD of GaSb material is <1000, see below mapping:

Q3:Could you please offer us the following characterization data of GaSb substrate?
(TTV, Bow and Warp, Surface Oxide Thickness, FTIR Transmission, Mobility / Carrier Concentration / Resistivity mapping, EPD cartography, …)

A:Usually, all the data of GaSb should be tested after polished and before shipment, but we can show you some example data, like EPD, oxidized-warp-bow, oxidized-TTV-TIR, oxide layer thickness and so on. To obtain detailed information please contact

Para mais informações, entre em contato conosco pelo e

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