Room Temperature Bonding of Wafers Using Si and Ge Films with Extremely Low Electrical Conductivity

The technical potential of room temperature bonding of wafers in vacuum using amorphous Si (a-Si) and Ge (a-Ge) films was studied. Transmission electron microscopy images revealed no interface corresponding to the original films surfaces for bonded a–Ge–a–Ge films. Analyses of film structure and the surface free energy at the bonded interface revealed higher bonding potential at the connected a–Ge–a–Ge interface than that of a–Si films. The electrical resistivity of a-Ge films is 0.62 Ωm, which is lower than that of a-Si film (4.7 Ωm), but 7–8 order higher than that of representative material films used for bonding in vacuum. Our results indicate that room temperature bonding using a–Ge films is useful to bond wafers without any marked influence on the electrical properties of devices on wafer surfaces caused by the electrical conductivity of films used for bonding.


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