Worldwide semiconductor market is expected to grow further in both 2015 and 2016

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According to data published by WSTSabout worldwide semiconductor market, all product categories and regions are forecasted to grow steadily but moderately in the next two years, under the assumption of a further macro economy recovery throughout the entire forecast period and maturing historically strong markets. WSTS anticipates the world semiconductor market to grow 4.9% to US$352 billion in 2015. For 2016, the market is forecasted to be US$363 billion, up 3.1%.

By end market, automotive and communications are expected to grow stronger than the total market, whereas consumer and computer are assumed to remain almost flat. Regionally, Asia-Pacific will continue to be the fastest growing region and is expected to reach US$209 billion in 2016, which is already a share of almost 60% of the total semiconductor market. In 2014, the global market showed a solid growth of almost 10% up to US$336 billion, driven mainly by double digit increase of memory product category. All other major product categories are also showed positive growth rates. The highest growth rates are reported for the memory (18.2%), discretes (10.8%) and analog (10.6%) categories.tabella wsts


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