• prime grade Si Wafer

    12″ Prime Grade Silicon Wafer

    PAM-XIAMEN Offer 300mm bare silicon wafers (12 inch) in prime grade, n type or p type. Compared to other silicon wafer suppliers, Powerway Wafer’s silicon wafer prices are more competitive with higher quality.

  • 12' Si Wafers

    12″ Silicon Wafers 300mm TOX ( Si Thermal Oxidation Wafer )

    PAM-XIAMEN Offer 300mm Silicon Wet or Dry Thermal Oxide/Dioxide Wafers (Si+SiO2).

    Thermal oxide wafer or silicon dioxide wafer is a bare silicon wafer with silicon oxide layer grown by dry or wet oxidation process.


  • test grade Si Wafer

    12″ Test Grade Silicon Wafer

    PAM-XIAMEN Offer 300mm bare silicon wafers (12 inch) dummy, test grade, n type or p type. Compared to other silicon wafer suppliers, Powerway Wafer offers professional service with competitive prices.

  • epi wafer Laser diode

    Epi Wafer for Laser Diode

  • Si wafer Flats

    Float-Zone Mono-Crystalline Silicon


    The mono-crystalline silicon with the characteristics of low foreign-material content, low defect density and perfect crystal structure is produced with the float-zone process; no foreign material is introduced during the crystal growth. The FZ-Silicon conductivity is usually above 1000 Ω-cm, and the FZ-Silicon is mainly used to produce the high inverse-voltage elements and photoelectronic devices.

  • Test Wafer Monitor Wafer Dummy Wafer

    Test Wafer Monitor Wafer Dummy Wafer

    PAM-XIAMEN Offers  Dummy Wafer / Test Wafer / Monitor Wafer

  • Cz Mono-Crystalline Silicon

    Cz Mono-Crystalline Silicon


    The heavily/lightly-doped CZ mono-crystalline silicon is suitable for producing various integrated circuits (IC), diodes, triodes, green-energy solar panel. The special elements (such as Ga, Ge) can be added to produce the high-efficiency, radiation-resistant and anti-degenerating solar cell materials for special components.

  • Epitaxial Silicon Wafer

    Epitaxial Silicon Wafer

    Silicon Epitaxial Wafer(Epi Wafer) is a layer of single crystal silicon deposited onto a single crystal silicon wafer(note: it is available to Grow a layer of poly crystalline Silicon layer on top of a highly doped Singly crystalline Silicon wafer,but it needs buffer layer (such as oxide or poly-Si) in between the bulk Si substrate and the top epitaxial layer)

  • Polished Wafer

    Polished Wafer

    FZ polished wafers, mainly for the production of silicon rectifier (SR), silicon controlled rectifier (SCR), Giant Transistor (GTR), thyristor (GRO)

  • Etching Wafer

    Etching Wafer

    The etching wafer has the characteristics of low roughness, good glossiness and relatively low cost, and directly substitutes the polished wafer or epitaxial wafer which has relatively high cost to produce the electronic elements in some fields, to reduce the costs. There are the low-roughness, low-reflectivity and high-reflectivity etching wafers.

  • Nanofabrication


    PAM-XIAMEN Offers photoresist plate with photoresist
    We can offer Nanolithography (photolithography):Surface preparation, Photoresist apply, Soft bake, Alignment, Exposure, Development,Hard bake, Develop inspect, Etch, Photoresist removal(strip), Final inspection.

  • Photo Mask

    Photo Mask

    PAM-XIAMEN Offers Photomasks

    A photo mask is a thin coating of masking material supported by a thicker substrate, and the masking material absorbs light to varying degrees and can be patterned with a custom design. The pattern is used to modulate light and transfer the pattern through the process of photolithography which is the fundamental process used to build almost all of today’s digital devices.