12 Inch Si Dummy Wafer

12 Inch Si Dummy Wafer

PAM XIAMEN offers 12 inch Si dummy wafer: 

Surface:double side polished;
Thickness ≥750um; 
V Notch(SEMI STD);
Slight scratch (with no stains or heavy/deep scratches);

About the Si dummy wafer

According to different application scenarios in the fab, silicon wafers can be divided into two categories:

1.Prime Wafer, which is directly used for semiconductor processing, including polished wafers, epitaxial wafers, etc.;

2.Silicon wafers for monitoring and testing, including monitor wafers, dummy wafers/test wafers.

During the wafer manufacturing process, Si dummy wafer plays a role in monitoring, testing and maintaining stability, which is an essential component.

The main function of silicone dummy grade wafer is to occupy the position. Especially in the furnace tube (PVD/CVD/oxidation diffusion, etc.), if a certain batch of silicon wafers is insufficient with gaps, it may affect the stability and uniformity of the airflow. Therefore, it is necessary to add some Si dummy grade wafers to reduce the vacancy.

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