Thick Silicon Carbide Substrate

Thick Silicon Carbide Substrate

As one of leading silicon carbide wafer manufacturers, PAM-XIAMEN offers you SiC substrate with 1mm or 2mm thickness. Silicon carbide (SiC) substrate is the cornerstone of the application of gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide in the third generation of semiconductor materials. In recent years, with the maturity of the silicon carbide substrate preparation processes and the reduction of production costs, SiC wafer application continues to penetrate in the field of new energy and 5G communications. More about thick bulk silicon carbide wafer please see below:

silicon carbide substrate

1. Thick Silicon Carbide Substrate Specs

Thick SiC Wafers PAM20200622-SIC

Wafer Capacity SIZE Thickness Surface
Nitrogen Type SiC Substrates 4” 1mm, 2mm as cut
4” 1mm, 2mm double side polished
Semi-insulating SiC Substrates 4” 1mm, 2mm as cut
4” 1mm, 2mm double side polished



Thermal Conductivity (n-type) a~4.2 W/cm • K @ 298 K, c~3.7 W/cm • K @ 298 K

Thermal Conductivity (semi-insulating) a~4.9 W/cm • K @ 298 K, c~3.9 W/cm • K @ 298 K

2. Silicon Carbide Characteristics

Single crystal silicon carbide substrate has following excellent chasracteristics:

Silicon Carbide Characteristics

Physical Property high hardness (Kjeldahl hardness: 3000kg/mm2)
high wear resistance, second only to diamond
thermal conductivity exceeds that of metal copper
high thermal stability
good heat dissipation performance, very important for high-power devices
Chemical Property very strong corrosion resistance
band gap of 4H-SiC and 6H-SiC is about 3 times that of Si and 2 times that of GaAs; 4H-SiC has wider band gap than 6H-SiC



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