Silicon Ingots-1

Silicon Ingots-1

PAM XIAMEN offers Silicon Ingots.

Material Description
FZ NTD 3″Ø ingot n-type Si:P[111] ±2°, Ro: 50-60 Ohmcm, MCC Lifetime>400μs, (2 ingots: 197mm, 277mm) SEMI
FZ 8″Ø ingot n-type Si:P[100] ±2.0°, Ro: 163-174 Ohmcm, MCC Lifetime>14581μs, (1 ingot: 83mm)
FZ 6″Ø ingot p-type Si:B[100] ±2.0°, Ro: 1-2 Ohmcm, MCC Lifetime>1777μs,
FZ 6″Ø ingot p-type Si:B[100] ±2.0°, Ro: 2,736-3,206 Ohmcm, (1 ingot: 90mm)
FZ 6″Ø ingot p-type Si:B[100] ±2.0°, Ro: 600-900 Ohmcm, Ground
FZ 6″Ø×275mm ground ingot, n-type Si:P[100], (0.307-0.313)Ohmcm
FZ 6″Ø×101mm ground ingot, n-type Si:P[100], (0.350-0.353)Ohmcm
FZ 6″Ø×124mm n-type Si:P[100], (0.556-0.600)Ohmcm, Ground
FZ 6″Ø×248mm ground ingot, n-type Si:P[100], (0.557-0.565)Ohmcm
FZ 6″Ø×52mm ground ingot, n-type Si:P[100], (23.86-25.05)Ohmcm, MCC Lifetime=16,352µs
FZ 6″Ø ingot n-type Si:P[100] ±2°, Ro: 25.70-26.29 Ohmcm, MCC Lifetime>2,218μs, (1 ingot: 236mm)
FZ 6″Ø ingot n-type Si:P[100] ±2°, Ro: 4.65-5.11 Ohmcm, MCC Lifetime>2,000μs, (1 ingot: 106mm)
FZ 6″Ø ingot n-type Si:P[100], Ro: 6,218-10,002 Ohmcm, (1 ingot: 45mm)
FZ 6″Ø×80mm ingot, n-type Si:P[100] ±2°, (57-62)Ohmcm, 1 SEMI Flat, MCC Lifetime=15,799µs
FZ 6″Ø ingot n-type Si:P[100] ±2.0°, Ro: 50-70 Ohmcm, Ground
FZ 6″Ø ingot n-type Si:P[111] ±2°, Ro: 5,000-10,000 Ohmcm, MCC Lifetime>1,000μs, Ground, (1 ingot: 34.5mm) JEIDA
FZ 6″Ø ingot Intrinsic Si:-[100] ±2.0°, Ro: >10,000 Ohmcm, MCC Lifetime>1200μs, (1 ingot: 195mm)
FZ 6″Ø ingot Intrinsic Si:-[111] ±2°, Ro: >10,000 Ohmcm, SEMI
FZ 5″Ø ingot p-type Si:B[100] ±2.0°, Ro: 2,879-3,258 Ohmcm, As-Grown, (1 ingot: 172mm) SEMI
FZ 5″Ø×59mm ground ingot, n-type Si:P[111], (5,400-7,200)Ohmcm, MCC Lifetime>1,200µs, 1 SEMI Flat
FZ 5″Ø ingot n-type Si:P[111] ±2°, Ro: 70-110 Ohmcm, Ground, (1 ingot: 115mm) SEMI, made by Topsil

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