Silicon Ingots-4

Silicon Ingots-4

PAM XIAMEN offers Silicon Ingots.

Material Description
FZ 2″Ø×38mm ingot, p-type Si:B[100]±2º, Ro:~2,900Ohmcm
FZ 2″Ø×(392+342+304+263+250+175)mm ingots, p-type Si:B[111]±2º, (2,000-5,000)Ohmcm
FZ 2″Ø×(100+87+86+85+85+84)mm ingots, n-type Si:P[111], (2,000-4,000) {2,166-3,835} Ohmcm
FZ 2″Ø×26mm ground ingot, n-type Si:P[111]±2º, (5,000-13,000)Ohmcm, MCC Lifetime>1,100μs
FZ 2″Ø ingot Intrinsic Si:-[100], Ro: >20,000 Ohmcm, Ground, (6 ingots: 154mm, 117mm, 143mm, 100mm, 101mm, 100mm)
FZ 2″Ø×(160+98)mm ingots, Intrinsic Si:-[111]±2º, Ro>12,000 Ohmcm
FZ 2″Ø ingot Intrinsic Si:-[111] ±0.5°, Ro: >20,000 Ohmcm, Ground
FZ 1″Ø ingot p-type Si:B[100] ±2°, Ro:1-3 Ohmcm, (5 ingots: 76mm, 80mm, 80mm, 82mm, 82mm) , Lifetime=300µs
FZ p-type Si:B[100] ±2°, Ro:1-3Ohmcm, (1 ingot: 81mm total, of which 21mm is usable), Improperly cored
FZ 1″Ø ingot p-type Si:B[100], Ro: 2,652-2,743 Ohmcm, 7 pieces, each 0.17Kg
FZ 1″Ø ingot p-type Si:B[100] ±2.0°, Ro: 2,879-3,258 Ohmcm, (1 ingot: 31mm, 0.05Kg, $200 for the piece)
FZ 1″Ø ingot p-type Si:B[100] ±2°, Ro:3,400-4,100Ohmcm, Ground, (3 ingots: 75mm, 76mm, 77mm) SEMI
FZ 1″Ø(37+37+38+38)mm ground ingot, n-type Si:P[100]±2°, Ro: ~2.7 Ohmcm, MCC Lifetime>7,000μs
FZ Silicon Ingot, 48mmØx217mm, n-type Si:P[111], Ro=~300 Ohmcm, (p-type Ro>3,000 Ohmcm)
FZ 1Ø×60mm ground ingot, n-type Si:P[111] ±2°, (1-2)Ohmcm
FZ 1″Ø ingot Intrinsic Si:-[111] ±2.0°, Ro: >17,500 Ohmcm, (2 ingots: 34.5mm, 29mm, $500 for each piece)
FZ 6.35mmØ ingot Intrinsic Si:-[111], Ro: >10,000 Ohmcm, (1 lot of 11 rods, each ranging from 15mm to 49mm long)
FZ 6.35mmØ ingot Intrinsic Si:-[111], Ro: >10,000 Ohmcm, (1 lot of 8 rods, each 51mm long)
FZ 0.5″Ø×110mm ingot, n-type Si:P[100], Ro: 5,497-10,293 Ohmcm, MCC Lifetime>6,500µs
FZ SCRAP material p-type, Ro: 1,000-10,000 Ohmcm
FZ SCRAP material p-type, Ro: 1-1,000 Ohmcm

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