Silicon Ingots-7

Silicon Ingots-7

PAM XIAMEN offers Silicon Ingots.

Material Description
4″Ø×219mm p-type Si:B[110]±1.5°, (59-67)Ohmcm, RRV<2.4%, One SEMI Flat, Diameter=(100.6-100.8) mm, C<3E16/cc, O2<9E17/cc
4″Ø ingot p-type Si:B[110] ±2°, Ro: 0.001-0.010 Ohmcm, Ground, SEMI
4″Ø×(504+504+523+147+144)mm, p-type Si:B[111], As-Grown, made by Crysteco (5 ing 6c, 10b(Gnd 1F), 14a(Gnd 1F), 21Aa, 30d(Gnd 1F))
4″Ø ingot p-type Si:B[111], Ro: 0.010-0.015 Ohmcm, (1 ingot: 159mm) R
4″Ø ingot p-type Si:B[111] ±2.0°, Ro: 0.001-0.005 Ohmcm, Ground, (2 ingots: 346mm, 32mm)
4″Ø ingot n-type Si:As[110] ±0.5°, Ro: 0.001-0.005 Ohmcm, SEMI, Empak cst, 3 Ingots, each 0.15Kg, 117mm
4″Ø ingot n-type Si:P[100] ±3°, Ro: 0.05-0.15 {0.130-0.145} Ohmcm, (4 ingots: 234mm, 231mm, 167mm, 294mm)
4″Ø ingot n-type Si:P[100], Ro: 4-6 Ohmcm, Ground
4″Ø ingot n-type Si:P[100] ±3°, Ro: 4-6 Ohmcm, Ground, (1 ingot: 25mm) SEMI
4″Ø ingot n-type Si:P[100], Ro: 4-6 Ohmcm, Ground, (2 ingots: 183mm, 372mm) SEMI
4″Ø ingot n-type Si:Sb[100] ±2.0°, Ro: 0.01-0.02 Ohmcm, (1 ingot: 269mm)
4″Ø×227mm, n-type Si:As[111], Ingot As-Grown, made by Crysteco#7227 (13b)
4″Ø×138mm ingot n-type Si:As[111], Ro=(0.0017-0.0031)Ohmcm, SEMI
4″Ø×(67+73+80+85)mm ingots, n-type Si:P[111] (0.15-0.55)Ohmcm, SEMI Flats {Secondary @ 135°}
4″Ø×65mm ingot, n-type Si:P[111] ±3°, (10-30)Ohmcm {actual 10.9-12.58}
4″Ø×(453+147+135)mm ingots, n-type Si:Sb[111] (0.050-0.090)Ohmcm
4″Ø ingot n-type Si:Sb[111] ±2°, Ro: 0.01-0.02 Ohmcm, Ground, (2 ingots: 31mm, 143mm)
4″Ø ingot n-type Si:Sb[100], Ro: 0.010-0.023 Ohmcm, (1 ingot: 38.1mm)
3″Ø×194mm ingot, p-type Si:B[100]±3°, Ro:>20 Ohmcm, SEMI Flat(one)
3″Ø ingot p-type Si:B[100] ±2°, Ro: 0.5-1.0 Ohmcm, Ground, (2 ingots: 25.4mm, 27mm)
3″Ø ingot p-type Si:B[100] ±2°, Ro: 5-35 Ohmcm, Ground, (1 ingot: 65.5mm)

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