Silicon Wafer & Silicon Epi Wafer

Silicon Wafer & Silicon Epi Wafer


Stoichiometric LPCVD Nitride on Silicon Wafers

Low Stress Nitride Silicon Wafers

Super Low Stress Nitron on Silicon Wafers

PECVD Nitride

Targeted Stress LPCVD Nitride

Silicon Nitride Waveguide – Substrates and Services Provided

Custom Silicon Wafers

Silicon Epi Wafers Sale

P-type silicon substrates

N-Type Silicon Substrates

Undoped Silicon Wafers

Float Zone Silicon Wafers

Ultra-Thinned Silicon Wafers

Solar Silicon Wafers

Silicon Ingots -1

Silicon Ingots -2

Silicon Epi Wafers Sale

What are Silicon Wafer Flats?

Porous Silicon Wafer

25.4 (1 inch) Silicon Wafers

50.8mm (2 Inch) Silicon Wafers-1

50.8mm (2 Inch) Silicon Wafers-2

50.8mm (2 Inch) Silicon Wafers-3

50.8mm (2 Inch) Silicon Wafers-4

50.8mm (2 Inch) Silicon Wafers-5

76.2mm (3 Inch) Silicon Wafers

100mm (4 Inch) Silicon Wafers-1

100mm (4 Inch) Silicon Wafers-2

100mm (4 Inch) Silicon Wafers-3

100mm (4 Inch) Silicon Wafers-4

100mm (4 Inch) Silicon Wafers-5

100mm (4 Inch) Silicon Wafers-6

125mm (5 Inch) Silicon Wafers

150mm (6 Inch) Silicon Wafers

200mm (8 Inch) Silicon Wafers

300mm Silicon Wafers

450mm Silicon Wafers

Diced Silicon Wafers

1″ silicon wafers

(100) Oriented Silicon Wafers-1

(100) Oriented Silicon Wafers-2

(100) Oriented Silicon Wafers-3

(100) Oriented Silicon Wafers-4

(100) Oriented Silicon Wafers-5

(111) Silicon Wafers

(110) Silicon Wafers

(112) Orientation Silicon Wafers

Silicon Wafers with (211) Orientation

Cleaving Silicon Wafers

Prime Grade Silicon Wafers

Test grade silicon wafers-1

Test grade silicon wafers-2

Test grade silicon wafers-3

Test grade silicon wafers-4

Test grade silicon wafers-5

Test grade silicon wafers-6

Test grade silicon wafers-7

Test grade silicon wafers-8

Test grade silicon wafers-9

Test grade silicon wafers-10

Test grade silicon wafers-11

Silicon Wafer Properties

Silicon Wafers for Soft Lithography

Silicon Wafers PDMS Micro-Fluidic Chip Platforms

1″&1.5″ Silicon Wafer

2″ Silicon Wafer-1

PAM XIAMEN offers MCZ silicon ingot and silicon wafer.

2″ Silicon Wafer-2

2″ Silicon Wafer-3

Lithium Niobate

PAM XIAMEN offers black lithium Niobate wafers for optics and SAW Components


2″ Silicon Wafer-4

3″ Silicon Wafer-1

3″ Silicon Wafer-2

3″ Silicon Wafer-3

3″ Silicon Wafer-4

4″ Silicon Wafer-1

4″ Silicon Wafer-2

4″ Silicon Wafer-3

4″ Silicon Wafer-4

125mm Silicon Wafer

150mm&200mm Silicon Wafer

12″ Silicon Wafer

8″ Silicon Wafer

6″ Silicon Wafer-1

6″ Silicon Wafer-2

6″ Silicon Wafer-3

5″ Silicon Wafer

4″ Silicon Wafer-1

4″ Silicon Wafer-2

4″ Silicon Wafer-3

4″ Silicon Wafer-4

4″ Silicon Wafer-5

4″ Silicon Wafer-6

4″ Silicon Wafer-7

4″ Silicon Wafer-8

4″ Silicon Wafer-9

4″ Silicon Wafer-10

4″ Silicon Wafer-11

4″ Silicon Wafer-12

4″ Silicon Wafer-13

4″ Silicon Wafer-14

4″ Silicon Wafer-15

4″ Silicon Wafer-16

4″ Silicon Wafer-17

4″ Silicon Wafer-18

3″ Silicon Wafer-1

3″ Silicon Wafer-2

3″ Silicon Wafer-3

3″ Silicon Wafer-4

3″ Silicon Wafer-5

3″ Silicon Wafer-6

3″ Silicon Wafer-7

3″ Silicon Wafer-8

3″ Silicon Wafer-9

3″ Silicon Wafer-10

3″ Silicon Wafer-11

3″ Silicon Wafer-12

3″ Silicon Wafer-13

2″ Silicon Wafer-1

2″ Silicon Wafer-2

2″ Silicon Wafer-3

2″ Silicon Wafer-4

2″ Silicon Wafer-5

2″ Silicon Wafer-6

2″ Silicon Wafer-7

2″ Silicon Wafer-8

2″ Silicon Wafer-9

2″ Silicon Wafer-10

2″ Silicon Wafer-11

2″ Silicon Wafer-12

2″ Silicon Wafer-13

2″ Silicon Wafer-14

2″ Silicon Wafer-15

1″ Silicon Wafer-1

1″ Silicon Wafer-2

6″ Silicon EPI Wafer

6″ Silicon EPI Wafer-1

6″ Silicon EPI Wafer-2

6″ Silicon EPI Wafer-3

6″ Silicon EPI Wafer-4

6″ Silicon EPI Wafer-5

3″ Silicon EPI Wafer-1

3″ Silicon EPI Wafer-2

3″ Silicon EPI Wafer-3

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