Single crystal TiO2 (Rutile) with Nb doped

PAM XIAMEN offers Single crystal TiO2 (Rutile) with Nb doped.

Rutile ( TiO2) single crystal is one of the most suitable materials for spectral prisms and polarizing devices such as optical isolators and beam displacers because it has a large birefringence with a high refractive index. Compared to YVO4, TiO2 crystal is more stable chemically and physically. Our high quality rutile single crystal boule and polished components have been widely used for optical isolators and special prisms.

Single crystal TiO2 (Rutile) with Nb doped,  wt0.5% 
Size:                                10mm x 10mm x 0.5mm
Orientation:                       (100)
Purity:                               >99.99%
Polish:                              one side EPI polished.
Surface finish(RMS or Ra):  <5A

                              Typical  Properties
Crystal Structure Tetragonal
a=4.5936 Å,  c= 2.9582 Å ,
Growth Method Floating Zone
Melting Point 1840  oC
Density  4.26   g/cm3
Hardness Mohs  7
Specific Heat capacity 0.17 ( 25 oC)  Cal. / (g. Deg)
Linear expansion Coefficient  a: 7.14×10-6          c: 9.19×10-6
Refractive Index  n= 2.47  ne = 2.73       at  l = 1.3 mm
Transmittance 0.5- 4.5 mm
Thermal optical Coefficient dh/dT:    a: -0.72 x10-6/K    c: -0.42×10-6/K
Crystal boule  dimension  ~25 mm  dia x 35 mm length  ( conical ) 


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