SPC Counting Module

SPC Counting Module

SPC Counting Module

Both PAM1002 and PAM0502 are single channel counting module based on CZT detector.They integrated CZT detectors,which sizes are 10x10x2mm³, 5x5x2mm³ or others, high gain charge sensitive amplifier and SK shaping circuit.


Energy range50KeV~1.5MeV
Measurement accuracy<±10%@137Cs
Dose rate range0.1uSv/h~1.5mSv/h
Output impedance500Ω
Operating temperature-20℃-+40℃
Time to peak440ns
Falling edge time1.7us
Low voltage+5V
High voltage20~100V


Operation principle








Added with bias high voltage, the CZT crystal will generate an inner electric field. An incident ray of X/γ-ray generate charged particles in the crystal. Then the low noise charge sensitive preamplifier will collect those particles and convert them into exponential decay signals. Gaussian pulse signal will forming after those signals pass through CR-(RC)n shaping circuit.

Pin definition








■ X-ray detection
■ Probe for radiation dose rate meter
■ Portable counting instruments

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