SPCW Wide Range Radiation Doses Module

SPCW Wide Range Radiation Doses Module

SPCW is a counting module based on CZT detector. It integrates CZT detector, high gain charge sensitive amplifier and SK shaping circuit. The radiation dose rates ranges from 0.1μGy/h~1Gy/h will be its guest.

SPCW wide range dose rate counting module

1. Specification of SPCW Wide Range Radiation Doses Module

Energy range 30KeV~1.5MeV (standard) / 20keV~13MeV(customized)
Radiation dose rate range 0.1uGy/h ~1Gy/h
Output impedance 50Ω
Power <0.1W
Operating temperature 0℃-+40℃(standard) / -20℃-+40℃
High voltage 100V
Signal output Quasi-Gaussian signal
Powered by +5V
Size Customized available


2. SPCW Operating principle











Added with bias high voltage, the CZT crystal will generate an inner electric field. An incident ray of X/γ-ray generate electron-hole pairs. Then the low noise charge sensitive preamplifier will collect and lead them into shaping circuit. Then you will get Gaussian pulse signal. And with shifting signals function in it, the detector module can cover both low and high dose ratio radiation field.


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