SPECT, γ-imaging Detector

SPECT, γ-imaging Detector

PAM-PA02 is a large size pixel detector based on CZT crystal. They have an extremely high energy resolution and space resolution with a low dose incident of radiation.

SPECT, γ-imaging Detector

1. SPECT, γ-imaging Detector Specification

Material CdZnTe
Density 5.8g/cm3
Volume resistance >1010Ω.cm
Dimensions 25.4×25.4mm2
Thickness 5.0mm
Pixel size 1.5×1.5mm2
Pixel pitch 1.6mm
Pixel array 16×16
Electrode material Au
Operation temperature +30℃~+40℃
Energy range 20KeV~700MeV
Energy resolution(22℃) Average<6.5%@122KeV(>13% means defective pixel)
Photo-Peak Efficiency(PPE)

Defined as # of counts in 110 to 150KeV window divided by # of counts in 25 to 150KeV window.

Average>40% (<25% means defective pixel)
Defective pixel(DP) 9 DP at most for the whole module.
4 at DP most for any 3×3 array.
3 consecutive DP at most for any array.
Storage temperature +10℃~+40℃
Storage humidity 20%-80%


2. CZT γ-imaging Detector Spectrum

SPECT yimaging detector

3. CZT Pixel detector Features

High energy resolution
High space resolution
Room temperature working
Long-time stable

4. Applications of γ-imaging Detector on CZT Crystal

Homeland security
Space detection
Nuclear science & technology
Defect detection
Portable imaging probe


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