SrRuO3 Film

PAM XIAMEN offers SrRuO3 Film .

SrRuO3 is a  promising conductive metallic oxides, has been receiving considerable attention due to its various useful properties. SrRuO3 has GdFeO3-type orthorhombic distorted perovskite structure at room temperature with lattice parameters of a 5.5670, b 5.5304, and c 7.8446 Å. Its lattice can be also considered as a pseudocubic perovskite structure of a  3.930 Å.   SrRuO3 is a very promising bottom electrode for preparing oriented ferroelectric films due to its good compatibility in structure and chemistry with most of the perovskite-type ferroelectric materials such as Pb~Zr,Ti!O3 and ~Ba,SrTiO3. 3 In addition, its relatively high remanent magnetization and large magnetooptical constant make it potentially attractive for various electronic and optic devices.

50 nm SrRuO3 Conductive Epi Film on SrTiO3 Substrate <100> 5x5x0.5 mm, 1sp – SrRuO3/STO-a-0505

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