PAM XIAMEN offers SrTiO3 STO Strontium Titanate Crystal Substrates.

                                                            Main Parameters
Crystal structure M6
Growth method Blaze method
Unit cell constant a=3.905Å
Melt point(℃) 2080
Density(g/cm3 5.122(g/cm3
Hardness 6-6.5(mohs)
Thermal expansion(/℃) 9.4×10-6
Dielectric constants ε=5.20
Chemical stability Insoluble in water
Tangent loss ~5×10-4(300k) ~3×10-4(77k)
Size 10×3m、10×5m、10×10mm、15×15mm、20×15mm
Special size and orientation are available upon request
Thickness 0.5mm、1.0mm
Size tolerances <±0.1mm
Thickness tolerances <±0.015mmspecial in<±0.005mm)
Polishing Single or double, Epi face Ra < 0.5 nm
redirection precision ±0.5°
Redirection the edge: 2°(special in 1°)
Crystal orientation <100>、<110>、<111>

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