Stoichiometric LPCVD Nitride on Silicon Wafers

Stoichiometric LPCVD Nitride on Silicon Wafers

Stoichiometric LPCVD Nitride on Silicon Wafers

PAM XIAMEN offers nitride coated silicon wafers.


Thickness range: 100Å – 4500Å
Sides processed: Both
Refractive index: 2.00 +/-.05 @632nm
Film stress: >800MPa Tensile Stress
Wafer size: 1″ -12″inches
Temperature: 800C°
Gases: Dichlorosilane, Ammonia
Equipment: Horizontal vacuum furnace

Low Stress
Super Low Stress

“Our lab is planning to fabricate some silicon nitride waveguide. so we need to buy some silicon nitride wafers,which means we need around 150 nm stoichiometric silicon nitride films on thermal oxides silicon wafers. the thermal oxide layer should be at least 1 um  thickness. silicon substrate is flexible.Below wafer is good thermal oxide wafer for us.  Do you have the processing service to grow 150 nm LPCVD low stress silicon nitride on below wafer? Thanks.
Diameter 100mm
Prime grade, SSP
P-type, Dopant B
Resistivity 1-10Ωcm
Thickness 500μm
With 1000nm wet thermal Oxide”

A: 100mm P/B <100> 1-10 ohm-cm 500um SSP Prim Grade with 1um of Oxide and 150 nm LPCVD low stress silicon


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