P-typ indiumfosfidhalvledarsubstrat

Indium phosphide (InP) is one of the III-V compound semiconductors. It is a new generation of electronic functional materials after silicon and gallium arsenide. Indium phosphide semiconductor material has many excellent properties: direct transition band structure, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, high electron mobility, easy to make semi insulating materials, [...]

405nm GaN laserdiodskiva

Group III nitride materials are a kind of direct band gap materials, which have the advantages of wide band gap, strong chemical stability, high breakdown electric field and high thermal conductivity. They have broad application prospects in the fields of efficient light-emitting devices and power electronic devices. Therein, by [...]

GaN tillverkningstjänster för HEMT-enheter

PAM-XIAMEN supplies GaN HEMT epitaxial wafers and GaN fabrication services. Our GaN fabrication services supplied include front-end process and back-end process. More details about GaN fabrication process for HEMTs please see below: 1. OEM Service – Si-based GaN Epitaxial Wafers for Power and RF Electronic Devices Our GaN fab can epitaxy [...]

GaN Foundry Services för LED-tillverkning

PAM-XIAMEN can offer LED epitaxy wafers and is able to offer GaN foundry services & supplies for LEDs. The GaN foundry services include OEM growth service, COW process and various test services. Specifically as follows: 1. OEM Service – Customized AlGaN-based Thin Film Epi Structure We supply 2, 4 inch DUV-LED [...]

1060nm High Power Laser Wafer

InGaAs quantum well (QW), as a commonly used two-dimensional material in near-infrared band, has important applications in semiconductor lasers, solar cells and other devices. In the field of semiconductor lasers, InGaAs/GaAs quantum well expands the luminous wavelength of GaAs (0.85~1.1 μm) and is widely used in various optoelectronic devices [...]

InGaAs fotodiodstruktur

Ternary compound semiconductor material InxGa1-xAs is a mixed solid solution formed by GaAs and InAs. It is a sphalerite structure and belongs to direct bandgap semiconductor. Its energy band changes with the change of alloy and can be used to make various photoelectric devices, such as HBT, HEMTs, FET, [...]

AlGaN UV LED Wafer

AlGaN is a direct wide band gap semiconductor material. By changing the composition of AlGaN material, the band gap size can be continuously adjusted from 3.39 eV to 6.1 eV, covering the UV band range from 210 nm to 360 nm, so it is an ideal material for the [...]

Positiv LED-skiva baserad på GaAs-substrat

GaAs-based AlGaInP red LED epi-wafer is a common visible light LED material that has been widely developed in recent years. AlGaInP quaternary red LED has many advantages such as strong current bearing capacity, high luminous efficiency and high temperature resistance. It has an irreplaceable position in the application of [...]

Metallföroreningsinnehåll identifierat i mono- och polykristallina kiselkristaller

The impurity elements in crystalline silicon materials mainly include non-metallic impurities such as carbon, oxygen, boron, and phosphorus, and metal impurity such as iron, aluminum, copper, nickel, and titanium. Metal impurities generally exist in interstitial states, substitution states, complexes or precipitations in crystalline silicon, which often introduce additional electrons [...]

Elektroluminescenstestning av GaAs LED Epitaxial Wafer

With the continuous progress of semiconductor technology, semiconductor devices such as LEDs, photovoltaic cells, semiconductor lasers, etc. have been widely used in people’s daily life and work. In order to ensure the quality and cost control in the production process of the semiconductor device, it is generally necessary to [...]