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enhanced continuous-wave terahertz emission by nano-electrodes in a photoconductive photomixer

Enhanced Continuous-wave Trahertz emission by nano-electrodes in a photoconductive photomixer Semiconductor materials used as PCA-based photomixers must exhibit high resistivity, high carrier mobility and ultrashort carrier lifetime. Low-temperature-grown GaAs (LT GaAs) has been shown to have such characteristics 14–18 . The samples used in our experiment had a 1-mm-thick LT GaAs layer [...]

A new concept for highly efficient THz photomixers based on quasi ballistic transport and thin LT-GaAs recombination layers

A phenomenon of LT-GaAs photoconductive switch triggered by 800nm femtosecond laserThe Ti oxide is used as insulator between the electrodes to substitute the air gap of photoconductive semiconductive switch (PCSS). The width of the oxide is smaller than 100nm, the electrodes and substrate’s materials are Ti and LT-GaAs respectively. The simulation [...]

Characterization of LT GaAs carrier lifetime in multilayer GaAs epitaxial wafers by the transient reflectivity technique

Characterization of LT GaAs carrier lifetime in multilayer GaAs epitaxial wafers by the transient reflectivity techniqueA methodology for determining the carrier lifetime of LT GaAs buffer layers in GaAs multilayer wafers utilizing the femtosecond transient reflectivity technique is introduced. Experimental results and computer simulations performed as a function of the LT GaAs growth temperature are presented for [...]

Photoemission study of LT-GaAs

Photoemission study of LT-GaAsThe electronic structure of GaAs (1 0 0) grown by low-temperature molecular beam epitaxy was investigated by means of photoemission spectroscopy. Slight differences are found in the valence band spectra of GaAs layers grown at different As2/Ga flux ratios. Analysis of As 3d core level spectra does not [...]

Extended defects and precipitates in LT-GaAs, LT-InAlAs and LT-InP

Extended defects and precipitates in LT-GaAs, LT-InAlAs and LT-InPWe review the main structural characteristics of low temperature molecular beam epitaxially produced GaAs (LT-GaAs), LT-InAlAs, and LT-InP. These materials exhibit almost identical behaviours with respect to growth and annealing conditions. For too low growth temperatures or too high As pressures, [...]


We offer LT-GaAs wafer for THz or detector and other application. 1. 2″ LT-GaAs Wafer Specification:Item SpecificationsDiamater(mm) Ф 50.8mm ± 1mmThickness 1-2um or 2-3umMarco Defect Density ≤ 5 cm-2Resistivity(300K) >108 Ohm-cmCarrier <0.5psDislocation Density <1×106cm-2Useable Surface Area ≥80%Polishing Single side polishedSubstrate GaAs substrate  Remark: Other conditions: 1) GaAs substrate should be undoped/semi-insulating with (100)orientation. 2) Growth temperature: ~ 200-250 C 2. LT-GaAs Introduction: Low-temperature grown GaAs is the [...]

THz Generation Process in LT-GaAs

THz Generation Process in LT-GaAs   Optical down-conversion is the most successful commercial technique for THz generation using Low temperature grown GaAs (LT-GaAs). The technique is often known as Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy (THz-TDS). This technique works by optical pulse excitation of a photoconductive switch. Here, a femtosecond laser pulse illuminates a [...]