The Gallium Nitride Era is Coming

The Gallium Nitride Era is Coming

The Gallium Nitride Era is Coming

Because of the smaller form factor, better thermal performance, and higher efficiency of gallium nitride (GaN) devices, the industry has been looking forward to it for a long time. In recent years, as GaN-on-SiC devices have begun to be put on the market, research on silicon-based GaN (GaN-on-Si) devices has become increasingly popular, and has gradually shifted from research and development to market-oriented production. Although these products are not yet fully mature, the good news is that these device manufacturers are improving the structural design of the device and improving the production process. The manufacture of silicon-based GaN devices is expected to enter the power device market of working voltage 600-900V in the next two years.

Xiamen Powerway predicts that the average annual compound growth rate of power devices from 2015 to 2020 will reach around 90%. It is expected that as production volumes increase and production costs decline, the range of applications for both GaN-on-SiC and GaN on Si devices will be further expanded to include these areas: consumer electronics, solar and wind power, and electricity supply, automobile manufacturing, etc. Doctor Chan at Powerway, said: “SiC-based GaN is definitely a growing market”. At the time the latest SiC via etch process solves the problem of SC etch and can be attached to Oxford Instruments’ the PlasmaTron00 Polaris etch system. Plasma Prol00 Polaris is a single-wafer etch system designed for rapid etch on a wide variety of wafers such as GaN, sapphire and SiC. It has now proven to be an important part of SiC-based GaN device development.

So, what about the GaN-on-Si situation that competes with GaN-on SiC? Last year, MACOM celebrated the sale of more than one million GaN-on-Si RF devices, while claiming that its 100W RF transistors are The cheapest performance is the cheapest. Recently, MEC launched a silicon-on-silicon GaN research project to produce eight-inch silicon-on-silicon GaN wafers. MACOM stands out from its GaN-on-Si technology, achieving the best balance between product performance, cost and supply chain scale, making it the most cost-competitive material which could be alternative to gallium arsenide and LDMOS (laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor) in most RF applications. MACOM’s GaN-on-Si inherits the unique RF performance advantages of GaN, and the average efficiency is about 5% higher than the current mainstream LDMOS technology, which means that the energy efficiency of base station and RF energy applications is improved.

The high cost of restricting the promotion of GaN technology was previously broken by the low cost architecture of GaN-on-Si technology. Therefore, the widespread adoption of GaN technology in base station and RF energy applications will be greatly accelerated by the aggressive advancement of MACOM’s GaN-on-Si solution.

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