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Quan sát quang học của spin silicon

PAM-XIAMEN is able to provide you with silicon wafers for optical studies, more please refer to https://www.powerwaywafer.com/silicon-wafer. The global quantum internet needs a long-life, telecom band photonic material interface that can be manufactured on a large scale. The preliminary quantum network based on photon matter interfaces that meet these subsets [...]

Nghiên cứu tương tác spin phonon trong silicon cacbua của Gaussian Acoustics

PAM-XIAMEN can offer SiC substrate for various researches, additional information can be found in https://www.powerwaywafer.com/sic-wafer/sic-wafer-substrate.html. Hybrid quantum systems can utilize quantum information for various forms of practice, such as quantum photons for long-distance transmission, spin behavior for information storage, and microwave superconducting circuits for computation. In hybrid quantum systems, the [...]

Nghiên cứu về Hiện thực hóa Bộ chuyển đổi năng lượng Laser cực kỳ hiệu quả: Thiết bị đa chức năng dựa trên SiC

SiC wafers can be offered for laser power converter researches, additional information please refer to https://www.powerwaywafer.com/sic-wafer/sic-wafer-substrate.html. Any questions please contact our sales team with victorchan@powerwaywafer.com. The current high-power laser transmission technology faces two major limitations in improving the efficiency of optoelectronic receivers: inherent entropy loss associated with low bandgap materials [...]

Nghiên cứu cảm biến lượng tử của tín hiệu RF trung tâm màu trống nitơ trong vật liệu SiC

4H-SiC wafers are available for nitrogen vacancy(NV) color center research. For more wafer information, please contact our sales team: victorchan@powerwaywafer.com 1. Backgroud for Quantum Sensing Research on 4H-SiC Quantum sensing technology, with its unique ability to utilize quantum mechanical properties such as quantum entanglement and quantum interference, has demonstrated its potential to [...]

Nghiên cứu sự giãn spin lưỡng cực của các chấm lượng tử chỗ trống đôi SiC

SiC wafers can be offered with various specifications:  https://www.powerwaywafer.com/sic-wafer. Silicon carbide (SiC) is a semiconductor with mature related technologies, controllable p-type and n-type doping, and mature nanomanufacturing technology. However, at present, it is necessary to reveal the coherence characteristics, decay time T1, and longitudinal spin relaxation process of the double vacancy [...]

Khiếm khuyết của Trung tâm C trong Silicon: Bộ nhớ lượng tử

Silicon wafers are available for various researches, detailed specifications as shown in https://www.powerwaywafer.com/silicon-wafer. Silicon is a mature platform for quantum technology and has many advantages in the integration of defect quantum emitters. Recent experiments have shown that it is feasible to implement a single quantum emitter in silicon, which has great [...]

Tăng cường độ sáng huỳnh quang của tâm màu Spin đơn SiC

PAM-XIAMEN can supply SiC epitaxial wafers for color center research, more specifications you can find in https://www.powerwaywafer.com/sic-wafer/sic-epitaxy.html. Any questions, please contact the sales team: victorchan@powerwaywafer.com. The solid-state spin color center is an important system for quantum information processing, and its fluorescence brightness is an important parameter towards practical quantum applications. [...]

Nghiên cứu cấu trúc và tính chất vật lý của các giao diện không mạch lạc AlN/Al2O3

PAM-XIAMEN can supply AlN thin films, additional specifications please see https://www.powerwaywafer.com/2-inch-aluminum-nitride-aln-template-on-sapphire.html. 1. Research Background of Incoherent Interfaces Functional material interfaces have attracted much attention due to their often exhibiting novel physical and chemical phenomena and properties that differ from bulk materials. For example, two-dimensional electron gas, interface superconductivity, interface luminescence, and [...]

Chuẩn bị Laser Femtosecond có băng thông hẹp và hệ số Debye cao Nguồn photon đơn trong tinh thể AlN

AlN single crystal materials are available, please refer to the product specifications: https://www.powerwaywafer.com/aln-substrate.html. For more product information or inquiries, please contact our sales team with victorchan@powerwaywafer.com. At present, people have used AlN to prepare high Q-value resonant cavities and low loss waveguides. It has also been reported to be a single photon source [...]

Tiến bộ trong nghiên cứu về việc tạo ra tia laser Femto giây hồng ngoại trung bình từ tinh thể cacbua silic

PAM-XIAMEN can supply SiC crystals, more specifications are found in  https://www.powerwaywafer.com/sicsilicon-carbide-boule-crystal.html. Mid infrared laser (3-5μm) has important applications in environmental monitoring, gas molecule recognition, coherent tomography, and other fields. Especially in recent years in the research of generating single attosecond pulses from high-order harmonics, due to the fact that periodic level mid [...]