What is GaAs?

What is GaAs?

What is GaAs?


GaAs(Gallium arsenide) is a compound semiconductor material,a mixture of two elements, gallium (Ga) and arsenic (As). The uses of Gallium arsenide are varied and include being used in LED/LD, field-effect transistors (FETs), and integrated circuits (ICs).


GaAs Basic Parameters at 300K

Crystal structure Zinc Blende
Group of symmetry Td2-F43m
Number of atoms in 1 cm3 4.42·1022
de Broglie electron wavelength 240 A
Debye temperature 360 K
Density 5.32 g cm-3
Dielectric constant (static ) 12.9
Dielectric constant (high frequency) 10.89
Effective electron mass me 0.063mo
Effective hole masses mh 0.51mo
Effective hole masses mlp 0.082mo
Electron affinity 4.07 eV
Lattice constant 5.65325 A
Optical phonon energy 0.035 eV

GaAs Electrical Parameters

Breakdown field ≈4·105 V/cm
Mobility electrons ≤8500 cm2 V-1s-1
Mobility holes ≤400 cm2 V-1s-1
Diffusion coefficient electrons ≤200 cm2/s
Diffusion coefficient holes ≤10 cm2/s
Electron thermal velocity 4.4·105 m/s
Hole thermal velocity 1.8·105m/s

And now we introduce types of uses of GaAs based devices:

Types and Uses of GaAs Electronic Devices
Electronic devices Material(layer/substrate) Application  Technology Tends Material Required
Digital IC GaAs/GaAs  Ultra-high-speed computers High level of integration  
(MESFETHEMT) GaAlAs/GaAs PC,ATM,Image Processing  Low operating voltage  
Microvave Devices GaAs/GaAs Mobile communications, satellite broadcasting High power, low noise, Low cost
(MESFETHEMT, GaAlAs/GaAs Low-noise receiver, amplified High level of integration Large diameter
Simulation  GaAlAs/InGaAs/GaAs Automotive anti-collision system  Low operating voltage Low Vth 
Hall devices GaAs/GaAs Auto VTR High sensitivity Low cost,large diameter
FDD sensors
Position detection sensor
Types and Uses of GaAs Optoelectronic Devices
Optoelectronic devices Material(layer/substrate) Application Technology Tends Material Required
Visible Light LED GaAsP/GaAs( red )                        GaAlAs/GaAs(high brightness red)   InGaAlP/GaAs(high brightness orange/yellow) Home appliances, DA, electronic equipment  High brightness Low costs
Car lights Short wavelength Large diameter 
Lights in fax    
IR LED GaAs/GaAs                                       GaAlAs/GaAs Home appliances,DA    
machinery in Electronics industry  High power   
Remote control and optocoupler    
Optical circuit breaker    
Semiconductor Laser GaAs/GaAs Optical communication switch    
Short Wavelength LD GaAlAs/GaAs(780nm)         InGaAlP/GaAs(680630nm)  Light-emitting devices for Optical LAN,light emitting devices for testing equipments,CD,MD,Laser printer,CD-Rom,DVD-Rom,DVD-RAM High Power,high level of integration,low wavelength Low density,large diameter,low cost
Solar Cell GaAs/GaAs Satellite broadcasting, communications,Unmanned meteorological stations    

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