Will the Novel Coronavirus-caused Pneumonia affect the company Resumption?

Will the Novel Coronavirus-caused Pneumonia affect the company Resumption?

Will the Novel Coronavirus-caused Pneumonia affect the company Resumption?

Post by PAM-XIAMEN, Feb.11,2020

The novel coronavirus-caused pneumonia affect the company resumption in short term, but not too much, as currently the epidemic is under control well by quarantine measures. Currently the reworking rate is >=75%, estimate it would be >=90% after 10days.

All the shipping to overseas now is resuming work.


Current Situation of Novel coronavirus-caused pneumonia in China

Generally speaking the confirm case tends to be slow, and fatality rate is low, though Hubei situation is still a problem.

The Novel coronavirus-caused pneumonia(The 2019-nCoV ,CNP) swept the whole China, currently China is fighting this epidemic. ‘I believe that as long as we strengthen our confidence, help each other, control and prevent the virus appropriately, and implement policies precisely, we will definitely overcome this disease,’ President Xi said. The Chinese government quickly adopted quarantine measures from cities to countryside to stop the spread of pneumonia, now it tend to be slow. till today the whole situation of NCP is as below:

confirmed case 40261(Hubei 29631)

suspected case 23589

patient in critical condition 6484

Deaths 909

Recovered 3490

Hubei occupy 73.60%, obviously Hubei is heavy disaster area, but other areas have impact not too much.


Regarding confirmed case situation, see below data: From Feb.04, the confirmed case for China has decreased continuously over 6 days, which indicate CNP is well controlled till now. Observed in this graph, Non-Hubei people(blue line) is accounting for 27.40% only, which always keep enough slow, and tends to be decreased. Hubei people(red line) including Wuhan people(orange line) grow up quickly before Feb.4, but the tends is decreased clearly after that though it shows fluctuate.














Regarding fatality rate, see below data: Fatality rate outside of Hubei is only 0.2%(grey line) (the fatality rate including Hubei is 2.2%)














How will these measures affect to wafer foundry resumption?


Government announced the holiday of Chinese New Year is delayed to Feb.09, before work, all personnel should report to local government, take Xiamen as an example, the detail is as follow:


1/ All personnel coming (returning) to Xiamen who have a residence in Xiamen shall fill in the information truthfully and promise the authenticity of the report.

2/All personnel who have been to Hubei and other key epidemic areas within 14 days before arriving at Xiamen shall be isolated in designated places for 14 days at their own expense;

3/All personnel whose body temperature reaches or exceeds 37.3 ℃ shall go to the designated medical observation point for diagnosis and treatment.

4/All the people should wear mask whatever walking in public area or stay in office.


These measures would affect the company resuming production in short term in China, but this affection is limit.

1/In a short time, there are quite numbers of staffs can not come to work even if they are in Xiamen, because they need to be isolated in designated places for 14days, after 14days, we estimate all the staff would work.

In this case, the delivery time would be some delay, but not too much.

2/Today is second day after company resumption, most of companies come back to work, but staff people is only around 75%, we estimate, the staff in companies is around 90% after ten days if the epidemic still keep under control.

For a long term, we are optimistic for this epidemic, after one month, the affection would be disappear


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