Yellow and Green Luminescence in a Freestanding GaN Template

Yellow and Green Luminescence in a Freestanding GaN Template

We have studied a broad photoluminescence band in high-mobility freestanding 200-μm-thick GaN template prepared by hydride vapor-phase epitaxy. Variable-excitation intensity and energy experiments showed two defect-related bands: a yellow luminescence (YL) band at about 2.15 eV and a green luminescence (GL) band at about 2.43 eV. In contrast to epitaxial GaN samples prepared by both vapor-phase and molecular-beam epitaxy, the YL in the sample studied is weak and can be easily saturated. However, the GL is dominant. We attribute the GL to isolated defects involving gallium vacancies and the YL to the same defect, but bound to dislocations, or possibly to structural surface defects


About GaN

GaN(Gallium nitride), which is a compound semiconductor, it is a hard, high melting point materials, the melting point of about 1700 ° C, GaN is a high degree of ionization of III-Vcompound (0.5 or 0.43). At atmospheric pressure, the GaN crystal is generally hexagonal wurtzite structure. In a cell four atoms, the atomic volume is about half that of the GaAs. If you need more information about GaN, please visit: 

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